Values Voters Stand With Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz won the Values Voter straw poll — for the third year in a row. Cruz won 35 percent, while Dr. Ben Carson finished second with 18 percent, followed by Gov. Mike Huckabee at 14 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio at 13 percent. No other candidates received double-digit support. Current GOP front-runner Donald Trump finished fifth at 5 percent. What about establishment favorite Jeb Bush? He got seven percent. Whoops! No, not seven percent — seven votes! Bush finished in 12th place — just barely ahead of Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders, who got five votes. Many of you

Trump Declines Invite to Values Voter Summit

Republican front runner Donald Trump has just announced that he won’t be attending the annual Values Voter Summit, causing Family Research Council president Tony Perkins to speculate that he just doesn’t want to talk to Evangelicals: “We have got the Values Voters Summit coming up and Donald Trump has passed. He is not going to come,” Perkins said. “I think that is going to send a message to Evangelicals and values voters that he wants their support, but he is not really interested in having a conversation with them.” Perkins went on to say that this was a bad time