Biden Relocates 2000 Afghans PER MONTH to Virginia Conference Center Near Two Local Schools.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) has released a statement describing the relocation of thousands of Afghan “refugees” by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to the National Conference Center in Lansdowne, Virginia. The Center is walking distance from two local schools. Drawing parallels with former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s disastrous open borders policies enacted during Europe’s 2015 migrant crisis, the statement lays out a series of concerning policies which have scarcely been approved by local stakeholders. LCSO received “an unannounced visit” by DHS Federal Protective Services (FPS), whose officers informed the Sheriff’s Office that roughly 2,000 Afghan “refugees” per month

Joe Biden’s Own ‘Rapefugees’: Recent Afghan Migrant Convicted of Sexual Abuse on 3-Year-Old in Virginia.

An Afghan refugee recently admitted into the United States has been convicted of sexually abusing a three-year-old girl in Virginia, according to local news reports. Mohammed Tariq, a 24-year-old Afghan national who came to the U.S. following President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from the county, tried to argue through his interpreters that pedophilic behavior was acceptable in his culture. While being housed at Camp Upshur on Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia, “United States Marines observed the defendant inappropriately touching the victim over her clothing, on her chest, genitals, and buttocks,” explained the Department of Justice. “The victim and Tariq were

LISTEN: Pro-Family Leader Terry Schilling Receives Violent Threats After Virginia Election Victory.

Pro-family leader Terry Schilling has received a number of violent threats against the backdrop of the Virginia election victory that his group – the American Principles Project – participated in to deliver a victory for Republican Glenn Youngkin. Schilling, 35, told The National Pulse exclusively that the threats from a phone number registered to a “Howard M. Wagner” in Midtown, Manhattan in New York came shortly after the celebrations over the Virginia victory. The American Principles Project was instrumental in the Virginia race, deploying a number of high-impact television advertisements focused on Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s attempts to hide the rape

A Confederate Flag Spotted at a Youngkin Rally Has All the Hallmarks of Another Failed Democrat Party Stunt.

A photograph of a man wearing a Confederate flag patch on a denim jacket at a Glenn Youngkin rally in Loudoun County is going viral as left-wing “reporters” shared the image as risible evidence of Confederate sympathies, while Youngkin supporters pointed out the strange behavior of the man with his apparel. The image was taken from behind the man, who stood directly in front of the press risers as reporters took pictures, before disappearing when people began to realize what he was doing. The patch appears to be brand new, as is the jacket itself, fueling assumptions that the man

Democrat Operatives Caught Dressing Up As White Supremacists in Desperate Last-Ditch Virginia Election Stunt.

In what quickly became a political stunt gone wrong, Democratic strategists have been accused on social media of posing as white supremacists while standing next to Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus. Social media sleuths were quick to notice that the only people interacting with images promoted by an NBC reporter were Democratic Party political operatives. The photos were retweeted by far-left activist Adam Parkhomenko, as the public began to notice that one of the men posing as a fake Republican white supremacist bore a striking resemblance to Virginia Youth Democrats’ Finance Director, Camden Layton.  To be clear: Virginia Democrat operatives

A Word of Warning on That Fox News Virginia Poll: Don’t Be Complacent.

Days before Virginia votes, Fox News released a poll that shows Republican Glenn Youngkin ahead of incumbent Terry McAuliffe by 8 points. Let’s be clear about something: that’s bad. Here’s why. In campaign terms, you scarcely want this sudden a jump, this late in the game, with as much coverage as Fox News’ latest poll is getting. It creates complacency amongst the voting public – especially on a gloomy weekend, weather-wise – about whether or not they need to go out and actually vote. Especially when many Democrats have already filed their early ballots or mail-in votes. The unnatural spike

Virginia Moves to Eliminate Advanced Math, Citing “Inequity.”

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has decided to “eliminate all accelerated math options prior to 11th grade” in an effort to combat what they claim is “inequity” in mathematics. This is the latest in a series of proposals surrounding what Virginia sees as racial inequity in school. According to Loudoun County school board member Ian Serotkin, the change would eliminate classes such as Algebra I and II and Geometry.  He said, “[A]s currently planned, this initiative will eliminate ALL math acceleration prior to 11th grade.  That is not an exaggeration, nor does there appear to be any discretion in

Dozens of Virginia Localities Enact “Second Amendment Sanctuary” Policies

Citizens of Virginia are mobilizing around the commonwealth to defend their Second Amendment rights after November’s elections ushered in a new era of Democrat control over the state. When the new General Assembly session begins in January, Democrats will have trifecta control of the governorship, state Senate, and state House for the first time since 1994. Members from rural areas will be shut out of leadership roles, as the new top leaders in the General Assembly will only be from urban or suburban districts in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Richmond. They are planning to introduce bills to ban and

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