Conservatives, Liberals Unite in Opposition to Amazon’s “HQ2” Deal

After a contentious midterm election season, conservatives and leftists have finally found one thing they can agree on: Amazon’s HQ2 deal to open two new 25,000-person headquarters in New York and outside Washington, D.C. is a bad idea. To recap, Amazon launched its “HQ2” search in October 2017. Declaring that this new headquarters would be a full equal to their original Seattle campus, Amazon opened bids for a single 50,000-person headquarters to places 1) with a population over 1 million, 2) within 30 miles of a city or major population center, 3) within 45 minutes of an international airport, 4)

Who Is Corey Stewart? GOP Firebrand Complicates Senate Race in Virginia

Last week, Virginia Republicans nominated Corey Stewart for U.S. Senate to take on incumbent Democrat Tim Kaine in the fall. Stewart narrowly edged out state Delegate Nick Freitas, an Army veteran, with 45 percent to Freitas’ 43 percent — a margin of 5,000 votes. Bishop E.W. Jackson, the 2013 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, placed third with 12 percent. Stewart, the Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors in the outer suburbs of Washington, D.C., has been running for statewide office virtually nonstop since 2013. He finished third of seven candidates at a convention in 2013, and lost

Progressives Seek to Impose Gender Ideology on Va. School Curricula

School board members in Fairfax County, Va., are poised to vote June 14 on whether to implement changes regarding gender identity issues in the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum for the county’s middle schoolers and high schoolers. Recommended changes to the current curriculum include redefining biological sex; adding lesson plans about gender identity and transgender ideology from a overtly biased perspective; and, perhaps most crucially, removing parents’ ability to opt-out their children from FLE programs. While this radical agenda may currently be limited to progressive strongholds, it is representative of the direction our country is headed in: one in which

Unhappy Hour? Why This State’s Regulations on Bars’ Ads Go Too Far

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation In her Liberty Minute titled “Modern Sign Language,” Helen Krieble discusses unfair advertisement laws in some American towns: There were once so many highway billboards that people complained of sign pollution. So today many cities have restrictive sign codes. But are they about highway beautification or government picking winners and losers? Towns from Redman, Washington, to Fairfax, Virginia, allow signs along the streets for political campaigns and for real estate — but not for any other businesses. One town allowed employees

In Dramatic Twist, Virginia GOP Saves House Majority by Winning Lot Drawing

Good or bad, Virginia never fails to excite. As one of only two states to have elections every year, and a purple state, Virginia is often a battleground and proxy war for national politics. In 2005, a Democratic victory in the governor’s race foretold a Democratic takeover of Congress the following year, and the reverse happened when Republicans won in 2009. The 2017 election, for better or for worse, shook the political landscape when record Republican turnout was swamped by record Democratic turnout as Democrats took all three statewide offices and 15 seats in the House of Delegates, leaving Republicans

Is President Trump to Blame for the GOP Collapse in Virginia?

Virginia always elects a new governor the year after a presidential election, and it almost always elects a governor from the party opposite that of the president (9 of the last 10 times, in fact). So everyone knew it would be hard for Republicans to pull out a victory this year. But Republican Ed Gillespie and the rest of the Republican ticket ran a strong race. They were solid in fundraising and ran neck-and-neck with the Democrats for the home stretch of the campaign. Democrat Ralph Northam was a mediocre candidate running a lackluster campaign, and it seemed the momentum

$60 Per Vote? Big Money Wins Small State Race for Transgender Candidate

In a race with national implications, Virginia GOP state Delegate Bob Marshall was defeated by his Democratic opponent Danica Roem after being outspent by more than $400,000, an absurdly enormous amount of money for a small House of Delegates race. Roem received approximately 11,000 votes at a total cost of almost $60 per vote. This is what happens when the radical transgender lobby pours more than $600,000 into a small state race and conservative donors largely sit the race out — Democrats cruise to victory and claim a mandate on an issue they were too afraid to outwardly campaign on.

WATCH: Democrats Run Disgusting, Race-Baiting Attack Ad in Va.

This week, a George Soros-backed PAC supporting Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam released an ad against Republican Ed Gillespie so disturbing that even the far-left Washington Post called it “vile”: The ad came out one day before the terrorist attack in New York, where a man used a truck to mow down and kill 8 people. The group pulled the ad after the attack, but Northam’s campaign didn’t disown it. A campaign spokesman said, “It’s not shocking that communities of color are scared of what his Trump-like policy positions mean for them.” Northam himself defended it, justifying it by saying Gillespie’s ads “have promoted