MSNBC Editorial Director Lobbied For Putin-Linked Investment Fund Sanctioned By U.S.

A former New York Times journalist and Editorial Director for MSNBC lobbied on behalf of the same Russian government international investment fund recently sanctioned by the United States, The National Pulse can reveal. Davidson Goldin provided the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) – a sovereign wealth fund established while Vladimir Putin was Prime Minister – with media outreach and public relations. RDIF, the recent target of sanctions from the White House following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is run by a “known Putin ally,” according to the Treasury Department. The Russian President “and his inner circle of cronies have long relied on

D.C.’s Foreign Policy ‘Experts’ Now Demand ‘Regime Change’ for Russia.

A host of foreign policy “experts” are now explicitly calling for “regime change” in Russia following Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine. Reminiscent of the establishment’s failed calls for regime change in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, whose military conflicts cost countless American lives and resources, the sentiment appears to be at odds with the majority of the country. Nearly three-quarters of Americans oppose playing a major role in the unfolding conflict. Benjamin Wittes, a Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Washington, D.C.-based Brookings Institution, epitomized the establishment’s ultimate policy goal for Russia in a recent tweet: “Regime change: Russia.” Regime

On Day 145, Biden Raged Against Populism, While Falling Silent On Putin.

In the run-up to their meeting in Geneva, Biden fell silent when asked if he still thinks Putin is a “killer.” Strong Words For Populism (Not So Much For Putin). President Joe Biden arrived in Brussels on Sunday evening, kicking off the final three-day leg of his international trip, set to include two days of summits with NATO and the European Union, plus a highly-anticipated, in-depth series of meetings with Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday in Geneva. On Monday, Biden met with NATO leaders and separately with Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Biden and Erdogan met amid

EXCLUSIVE: Putin Humiliated Biden in Moscow Meeting, Reveals Obama-Era White House Stenographer.

Joe Biden is lying about his 2011 dealings with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, and the Russian president isn’t putting up with it. I know this because I was an eyewitness to the events of that day. Events that Washington, D.C.’s media have failed to press Biden on – and that give an extraordinary insight into how our now-president was humiliated by his Russian counterparts. Vladimir Putin and his staff sought the almost ritualistic humiliation of then-Vice President Joe Biden, who commanded very little respect on the world stage during his tenure as veep. If it can be believed, he commands

FACT CHECK: Biden Claims He Didn’t Invite Migrants to the U.S. Border… He Actually Told Them to “Surge” There.

In George Stephanopoulos’s very short interview with President Joe Biden – billed as “extensive,” “expansive,” and “wide-ranging” – the president denied the situation at the border, took a swipe at Americans who don’t “listen,” and bragged on his macho encounter with Vladimir Putin. On Vaccines: “Why Don’t You Be A Patriot?” Asked when Americans might return to normalcy, Biden had stern words for people who would ease up on COVID-19 mitigation measures and exercise their freedom to decline the vaccine. “I won’t be able to meet the July 4 deadline unless people listen,” Biden said. “I just don’t understand this sort


EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: ‘The Russia Lie’ Was a Washington Political Hit on an Outsider

Washington D.C. is one of the wealthiest regions in America.  It does not produce cars or computers or software. It produces public policy, for a price, on behalf of national and international clients. The Russia Lie is the story of how federal agencies, pundits, lobbyists, big money donors, and politicians, crossed party lines to defend themselves against an outsider, Donald J. Trump. The sordid mess is difficult to describe in full detail, partly because in the expensive inquiry that followed, the important details were mostly hidden. Ridiculously, as can only happen in clique like Washington, the investigation merged into the