CNN Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Think Voter ID Laws Make Elections ‘More Fair.’

A new CNN poll finds that the majority of Americans feel Voter ID laws make elections “more fair.” The findings are at odds with mainstream media and Democratic Party-peddled narratives that the laws are “racist.” The poll, conducted by SSRS on behalf of CNN, asked Americans in April if “requiring voters to provide photo identification before they cast a ballot” would “make elections more fair.” 64 percent of people polled agreed with the statement. Just 17 percent felt that requiring photo identification would “make elections less fair.”

UK Announces Voter ID Law to Avoid U.S.-Style Election Fraud.

In an effort to prevent and deter voter fraud on the scale of the last U.S. presidential election, a photo ID will now be required to vote in UK general elections, a proposal to be included in the Queen’s Speech to Parliament on Tuesday. “Britons will have to show photo ID to vote in future general elections, ministers are poised to confirm this week,” states the Guardian. This action is meant “as a means of tackling fraud,” while critics – who often benefit from voter fraud – are bigotedly claiming it “could deter poorer and ethnic minority voters from taking

RIGGED: 51% Say Cheating Affected 2020 Election, 62% Says Voter ID Is “Not Discriminatory.”

Sixty-two percent of US Likely Voters believe that voter ID laws are not discriminatory, and 60 percent say that it is more important to prevent cheating in elections than to make it easier to vote, according to the results of a new Rasmussen Reports survey. The telephone and online survey results, collected April 11-12, 2021, show only 29 percent of Likely Voters believe that photo ID requirements at polls are discriminatory against some voters, compared to 62 percent who say the requirements are not. Furthermore, 51 percent think it “likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election,”