Tucker Carlson Takes on Walmart over Company’s Leftward Shift

Walmart used to be a major target for Democrats. They would pillory the retail giant for paying low wages to their employees and wiping out small businesses. Republicans would often rush to Walmart’s defense as a free market success story. Now the tables have turned as Walmart is using its might to push a left-wing political agenda. As the company expands into more urban areas, it is hoping to attract a more left-leaning clientele while gambling that it won’t drive its existing customer base away. Walmart announced this week that it would cease selling handgun ammunition and certain kinds of

Why Is the Government Spending Billions to Help These Big Corporations?

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. Did you know that some of your hard earned tax dollars are being used to fund wealthy corporations like Walmart and Google? Helen Krieble discusses this in her Liberty Minute entitled “Winners and More Winners”: We hear lots of debate about government picking winners and losers, but most Americans don’t realize how extensive taxpayer-funded subsidies really are. A look through the lens of liberty reminds us that the first principle of American democracy is that all men are created equal