EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden’s Deputy Secretary Of State Just Invested In a Firm Flagged As A ‘Tool’ Of The Chinese Communist Party.

Joe Biden’s Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman purchased shares in a fund invested in Tencent, a tech firm flagged as a “tool” of the Chinese Communist Party and its military by the U.S. State Department, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.  Financial disclosures reveal Sherman purchasing up to $50,000 in shares of Matthews Asia Dividend Fund, which counts Tencent as one of its top positions, on May 7th 2021. The transaction came roughly one month after Sherman’s Senate confirmation for her critical State Department role. A separate financial disclosure reveals Sherman purchasing additional shares in the fund, valued up

Biden State Dept Nominee Took Chinese Communist Trip, Praised ‘Extraordinary’ Xi Jinping.

Wendy Sherman – President Biden’s pick for Deputy Secretary of State – took a trip to China sponsored by the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a state-sponsored propaganda effort that seeks to “influence foreign governments and other actors to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.” The National Pulse can also reveal that Sherman, currently undergoing an already difficult Senate confirmation process, has additional ties to Chinese Communist Party-linked academic institutions, consulting firms, and advocacy groups. While speaking at one of these groups—the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR)—she praised a speech by Xi Jinping as “extraordinary” while