Was Wisconsin Trump’s Waterloo?

It is possible that Wisconsin may be Donald Trump’s Waterloo. After all, he did lose Waterloo, Wisconsin. While Senator Cruz enjoyed a five-point lead in the polls ahead of the voting, he over-performed and won by 13 points, taking 48 percent of


Cruz Crushes in Wisconsin

Ted Cruz won by double-digits in the Badger State, outperforming any poll taken, and blasting through the RealClearPolitics average which pegged him at just over 4 points ahead of Donald Trump. Cruz proved wrong the pundits who predicted the Rust Belt would be

Clinton Collapse in Wisconsin?

I hope this is an outlier, because Hillary Clinton is an incredibly weak candidate, but the latest Wisconsin poll shows Bernie Sanders beating Hillary, 49 percent to 45 percent. The outsider candidates (Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Sanders) continue to roll. Maggie Gallagher


BREAKING: Gov. Scott Walker Makes Huge Endorsement

Many have been speculating whether Scott Walker would make an endorsement prior to Wisconsin’s primary on April 5th. Would he jump on the Donald Trump train? Would he go with the establishment’s reluctant favorite, John Kasich? Nope. Scott Walker is going with