Amazon Deleted Reviews Critical Of Chinese Communist Party Book.

Internal memos alongside insiders from have revealed the company’s concerted effort to appease the Chinese Communist Party – including by partnering with state propaganda operatives and scrubbing web reviews critical of the regime. Notably, the e-commerce giant submitted to a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) demand that it stop allowing negative customer ratings on a book containing a collection of leader Xi Jinping’s speeches and writings. “I think the issue was anything under five stars,” noted a company insider, who detailed how Amazon caved to Beijing’s demands. Currently, on the Chinese site, the government-published book has no customer reviews,

UNSEEN E-MAILS: Fauci Congratulates Wuhan Collaborator On ‘Deserved’ Xi Jinping Award.

New e-mails from Mr. Anthony Fauci – obtained exclusively by The National Pulse – reveal the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director congratulated epidemiologist Dr. Ian Lipkin, a key Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborator, on receiving personal awards from Chinese Communist Party dictator Xi Jinping. Lipkin – a Columbia University Professor – received the China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award from regime chief Xi in 2016 before going on to claim another award from China’s Central Government, Central Military Commission, and State Council. The 2016 award is the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) top science honor for foreign

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD ‘Hate Crime’ Task Force Includes Chinese Regime Propagandist Who Says Xi Jinping Is ‘Doing A Good Job.’

The New York Police Department’s newly launched hate crime review panel includes Fred Teng, who runs a Chinese Communist Party-linked influence group and has repeatedly praised regime leader Xi Jinping, The National Pulse can reveal. Teng is one of the five members of the panel, which was inaugurated in April, and will advise the New York Police Department (NYPD) on which crimes should be classified as hate crimes. The group will also advise the District Attorney’s office on the hate crime classification. Teng, who was born in Shanghai and now resides in New York, has several executives roles at Chinese

Chinese Communist Conference Plots How To ‘Promote’ the ‘Powerful Weapon’ of Marxism.

The Chinese Communist Party hosted the World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties, where Xi Jinping described Marxism as a “powerful weapon” and participants plotted on how to “promote the world’s socialist and Communist cause.” Taking place on May 27th in Beijing, the event was hosted by the International Department of the Chinese government’s Central Committee and counted “some 70 leaders and representatives from 58 political parties in 48 countries” in attendance. Communist leaders from across the world – including the United States – sent “congratulatory messages to the symposium,” which saw attendees focus on “how to promote the development of

Chinese Communist Party Orders Church To Display Mao’s Little Red Book Instead Of Bible.

A church in China displayed books authored by Chinese Communist Party leaders Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong in place of works such as the Bible, according to reports. The bookstore of Sha Mian Tang Church in the city of Guangzhou displayed several copies of Mao’s “Little Red Book” and Xi’s “Governance of China.” The ” bookstore, however, did not display any collections of gospel books,” a ChinaAid report notes. Yu Jie, a Chinese American author, posted a picture of the storefront with the text: “The gospel bookstore of Guangzhou Christian Church—Shamian Church, displayed a large number of Xi Jinping’s books. Seeing

REVEALED: China’s State Propaganda Group Boasts Control Over Western Think Tanks, ‘Election Integrity’ Groups, And Even Joe Biden’s National Security Team.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Cyberspace Administration of China has boasted of one of the most critical connections between the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the groups and individuals campaigning to stop President Trump and his “America First” agenda, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal. New, bombshell admissions over China’s influence in both the United States and Europe link organizations such as the Berggruen Institute with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Berggruen Institute first rose to national attention after co-founding the “Transition Integrity Project” which advised on how Joe Biden could seize power on the back of

Sensing Weakness: Xi Jinping Commands Chinese Military to be Ready for War.

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping told the country’s military and armed police force to “step up preparations for war.” Xi “has told the country’s military and armed police force to get ‘combat ready’ to defend national sovereignty and security, amid fears that Beijing may be planning an invasion of democratic Taiwan in the next few years,” according to a Radio Free Asia. Speaking with People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and People’s Armed Police (PAP) leaders, Xi emphasized “the entire army needs to strengthen its performance so as to do a good job of ensuring a good start to the 14th

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