EXC: State Dept Gives 3-YEAR Response Time When Asked For Details About Biden-Xi Private Meetings

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden once boasted of having 25 hours of private meetings with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, a massive figure allegedly brought to his attention by the U.S. State Department. When asked for details of the meetings, the State Department gave The National Pulse a whopping three year time frame for a response. The National Pulse submitted a Freedom of Information Act request in May 2020, in order to obtain the relevant documents. We were informed the estimated date of completion for the request would be April 5th, 2023 – over three years into a potential

Epstein-Linked Prince Andrew Inaugurated 1000th Chinese Propaganda Group, Accompanied by Xi Jinping

Prince Andrew christened a Confucius Institute and extolled the controversial Chinese government-funded propaganda fronts while also visiting a British company collaborating on China’s exploitative One Belt One Road initiative – with all events occurring alongside President Xi Jinping in 2015.  Prince Andrew, who “lobbied” the U.S. government to grant Jeffrey Epstein a lighter sentence and is the subject of intense speculation, inaugurated a Confucius Classroom alongside President Xi Jinping in 2015, praising the propaganda-ridden initiative as a boon for collaboration. However, Confucius Classrooms, the primary school complement to college-level Confucius Institutes, have been identified by Members of the British Parliament


FLASHBACK: Xi Jinping Took Joe Biden To A CCP Propaganda School Where Biden Called The Communist Leader ‘Straightforward’ and ‘Open’

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden gleefully visited a Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Classroom, praising Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping as “straightforward” and “open” during the 2012 exchange. As part of the Obama administration’s “Pivot to Asia”, which saw the U.S. make diplomatic and economic overtures to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in pursuit of closer ties, the former Vice President visited a Confucius Classroom at the California-based International Studies Learning Center (ISLC). Confucius Classrooms function as the elementary school complement to college-level Confucius Institutes, notoriously rife with Chinese propaganda, intellectual property theft, and espionage per the Federal Bureau of Investigation

China’s Digital ‘Wu Mao’ Army Target Trump Over Coronavirus

China’s “wu mao”, or “50 cent”, digital army has been relentlessly attacking the United States – especially the timeline of President Trump – since the onset of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Yesterday I detailed how the real-life bots – named for how much they’re believed to be paid per post, not after the rapper – were spreading conspiracy theories about the coronavirus emanating from the United States. Today I wanted to show you just how virulent this problem is becoming, especially in a U.S. election year. “Wu mao” is a term that came to light in 2016. Voice of America reported