‘Ready To Help’: Biden Spoke At PA Election Board Chairman’s Party

Rich Fitzgerald, the Allegheny County Board Of Elections Chairman, appears to have a close relationship with Joe Biden, who also attended Fitzgerald’s 2019 election night party. Fitzgerald serves as the County Executive of the area, which recently decided to count over 2,000 mail-in ballots lacking dates. As the Chair of Allegheny’s Election Board, Fitzgerald holds considerable power in the county’s ballot-counting conduct. Fitzgerald, however, has a cozy relationship with Joe Biden, counting the former veep as “introducing him” at his election night party in 2019. Part of a six tweet-long thread exclaiming support for Biden, Fitzgerald reveals the former veep’s

KASSAM: The CCP Virus Is Almost A Year Old And ‘The Experts’ Still Don’t Know Where The Heck It Came From

Almost the entire establishment, governmental, and media response to this CCP virus pandemic has been a farce – as the responses of the experts always are. According to geneticist Peter Foster of the University of Cambridge, the first novel coronavirus outbreaks may have occurred as early as September 2019, meaning we’re fast approaching the one year anniversary of the virus that plunged the world into unprecedented economic, social, cultural, and political chaos. Although consensus views gravitate towards November for the first case of the Chinese Communist Party’s virus, we know that consensus has often been wrong about this pandemic. So

WATCH: Kassam Explains Why Trump Should Use Insurrection Act (Feat Jack Murphy, Natalie Winters)

WATCH IN FULL: Kassam Explains Why Trump Should Use Insurrection Act. Guests include former Democrat-turned-Trump supporting author Jack Murphy and Natalie Winters. Jack Murphy’s book: Democrat to Deplorable, is available here. [powerkit_button size=”lg” style=”primary” block=”false” url=”https://www.thenationalpulse.com/support” target=”_self” nofollow=”false”] Support The National Pulse [/powerkit_button]

KASSAM on FOX: The 3-Point Plan For Trump’s Re-Election

The National Pulse’s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Tuesday night where he outlined his three-point plan for President Trump’s re-election in light of the renewed carnage being seen in Democrat run cities. “The President has really stepped up to the plate. Law and order is now taking place in the streets, not just in the tweets. Law and order is being seen in Oregon and will soon be seen in Chicago, meanwhile, we are being told by Democrat mayors that they don’t want that. “The Democrat mayors are treating the dead bodies and wounded

WATCH – Kassam on Fox: New York Times Wants to Stack the Deck Against Trump in Debates

National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on Fox News’s The Ingraham Angle on Wednesday night to discuss the recent New York Times op-ed entitled ‘Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless…’ “Look at the arbitrary nature of the new rules that Tom Friedman at the New York Times wants to condition this debate on. Tax returns, why stop with tax returns? Why not the Delaware records that Biden doesn’t want out? Why not the foreign dealings? I am sure we’d all like to know what Beijing Biden has been up to.” In relation to Joe Biden’s recent remarks that he “can