Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Watch: Carly Fiorina’s Deeply Personal Road to Becoming Pro-Life


Carly Fiorina set herself apart in the last debate for being a passionate and articulate voice on Planned Parenthood. This past weekend at a forum at a church in Texas, she shared her personal, emotional journey to becoming pro-life, and declared she would be ‘fearless’ in advocating that position:

GRAHAM: 60 million babies aborted in our generation, it’s been on our watch. How did you come to believe in the sanctity of life, and as president how can you help change a culture of death to a culture of life?

FIORINA: So I would say that I was raised that way, but I wasn’t very thoughtful about it, honestly. And then when I was in my early twenties, a very good friend of mine asked me to accompany her when she had an abortion. And we went to a Planned Parenthood clinic. And I watched as she was given really no choices. I watched what that procedure did to her physically, emotionally, spiritually.

A little later I met my husband, and when we married — we’ve been married for over 30 years — and when we married I learned that his mother had been told to abort him. She was a woman of great faith and a woman of great courage, and she chose to bring her son into the world. She spent almost a year in the hospital following his birth. But her son — my husband — was the joy of my life, and he is the rock of mine, and I have thought often about how different my life would be if she had made a different choice.

A little later in our marriage I learned that I could not have children of my own. And so I came to know in a profoundly personal way how precious a gift life is. And then, of course, there’s science. You know, I’m a person who believes that science is never in opposition to our faith, and you know the DNA in a zygote is exactly the same DNA as the day you die. And we’ve been performing in-utero surgeries on life as young as 16 weeks for over a decade — wow, sounds like a life to me.  What I will do as president is be fearless in talking about what I believe. I will be fearless in defending the character of this nation. But I will also take common ground where common ground exists, and there is now common ground on this issue. The majority of Americans, the majority of young people, the majority of women now believe that abortion for any reason at all after five months is wrong. So let us start by taking that common ground.

Thomas Valentine is a researcher for the American Principles Project and a junior at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Thomas Valentine

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