What Is The National Pulse?

The National Pulse is a news and investigations website founded originally as a political campaign blog in 2016, transitioning into a news site and podcast in early 2020.

Edited by political communications and news veteran Raheem Kassam, The National Pulse prides itself in always citing our sources, documentation, and evidence, and never relying on “anonymous” tittle-tattle, like much of the corporate news media.

Our research is led by Natalie Winters, and we are currently in the process of expanding the team.

The National Pulse is delighted to be able to state that we have never had to issue a correction, apology, nor retraction unlike large corporate media entities who rush to publish false stories, then hide behind armies of lawyers. Our reporting is factually accurate, and we always show our working.

Because of all this, we are routinely maligned by corporate media outlets and far-left bloggers who feel threatened by our ability to present the signal and cut through the noise of news media. They also campaign for us to be removed from ad networks. As a result, we rely on individual donations and memberships in order to fund the work of the website.

If you’re interested in funding real news, and helping to right the ills of Western news media, you can visit www.FundRealNews.com and pick plans from just $5.00 to help us out.