Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Conservative “Perfect Storm” Delivers Resounding GOP Win in Kentucky


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

The Kentucky election this week was a “perfect storm” for conservatives. Matt Bevin, a social and fiscal conservative, ran against Jack Conway, a social and fiscal liberal. A number of key factors came into play to secure Bevin the victory:

  • Religious liberty was important because of the Kim Davis ordeal, which rallied and awakened Christians.
  • Planned Parenthood had impact because Bevin is pro-life and Conway is pro-choice. Though not highly publicized, in the days before the election, Planned Parenthood endorsed Conway and engaged in phone calls, hoping to impact the election.
  • Bevin is a political outsider; Conway is a “career” politician. Kentucky does not like Obama, and Conway was successfully and accurately linked to him.
  • Conway went over-the-top negative in advertising, and the candidates are polar opposites. This presented a very clear choice (conservative vs. liberal) for voters.
  • The Tea Party was immensely active for Bevin, while the Republican establishment was moderately engaged (political outsider vs. the political insiders).
  • Ultimately, God’s sovereignty made all these pieces work together for good.

Because of all of these components, Kentucky’s election could be a bellwether for 2016. Conservatives got off their sofas and the Church woke up, thus bringing in a number of new faces to Kentucky’s executive branch. The key now is that they must deliver!

Kent Ostrander is the founder and has been the executive director of The Family Foundation for 26 years.

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