Dr. Ben Carson (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Carson on Abortion: Will Never Be Convinced “That’s a Meaningless Mass of Cells”


Dr. Ben Carson sat down with Fox News’ Marc Siegel last week, where he fielded a question on his views on abortion.  You can see his response below:

MARC SIEGEL:  Talk to me about abortion. I specifically want you to talk about it because I think, and I read your views on it, I think because you’re a physician, a neurosurgeon, a pediatric neurosurgeon, no less, you understand more what’s going on for a fetus inside the womb.

BEN CARSON:  Well, you know, I’ve spent many, many a day, and many a night, you know, operating on premature babies. And, you know, and then seeing them as adults, as productive adults. There is no way anybody is going to convince me that that’s a meaningless mass of cells. That’s just not going to happen.