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Trump Confirms He Would Defund Planned Parenthood, Disagrees with Roe v. Wade


Donald Trump has been under heavy fire in recent days for his past comments on abortion as well as for his ambiguous stance when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood. In an attempt, perhaps, assuage the concerns of social conservative voters in South Carolina, Trump sat down for an interview with CBN’s David Brody, where he somewhat clarified his position on these issues.

First, Trump was asked whether, as president, he would sign a bill defunding Planned Parenthood:

DAVID BRODY: As a President Trump, if a bill came to your desk that would defund Planned Parenthood you would support that, you would sign that?

DONALD TRUMP: Yes, because as long as they do the abortion I am not for funding Planned Parenthood but they do cervical cancer work. They do a lot of good things for women but as long as they’re involved with the abortions, as you know they say it’s 3% of their work, some people say it’s 10%, some people say it’s 8%, I hear all different percentages but it doesn’t matter. As long as they’re involved with abortion, as far as I’m concerned forget it, I wouldn’t fund them regardless. But they do do other good work. You look at cervical cancer. I’ve had women tell me they do some excellent work so I think you also have to put that into account but I would defund Planned Parenthood because of their view and the fact of their work on abortion.

BRODY: Alright but there are other groups as well not just Planned Parenthood that do that fine work.

TRUMP: That’s right but they do a big job. There are a lot of women taken care of by Planned Parenthood so we have to remember that but I am for defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they are involved with abortion.

Brody also asked Trump whether he thought Roe v. Wade ought to be overturned and whether he would nominate judges who would do so:

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BRODY: Roe V. Wade: do you think it should be overturned and would you put Supreme Court Justices or would you look at Supreme Court Justices that felt that way.

TRUMP: I will put people on that are going to be very very good and constitutionalists and they’re going to do a good job but it’s going to take a long time. [Partial Transcription]

BRODY:  “But beyond judges, do you believe Roe V. Wade was wrongly decided back in the day, back in 1973?”

TRUMP: Well I do. It’s been very strongly decided but it can be changed. Things are put there and they’re passed but they can be unpassed with time but it’s going to take time because you have a lot of judges to go.

H/T: Breitbart News.

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