WATCH: Justice Dept. Training Video Pushes Transgender Ideology on Nation’s Police


The Justice Department’s Community Relations Service recently released an instructional video purporting to teach police officers across the country how to handle interactions with transgendered citizens in a politically correct way.

“If someone feels disrespected, they are less likely to trust us or cooperate,” said Sgt. Brett Parson, the video’s narrator. “If officers understand who transgender people are as part of their community, interactions will be a whole lot better.”

The instructional video then goes on to explain to police officers the nuances of contemporary gender theory, including terms like “gender identity,” “sexual orientation,” and “assigned sex.” An emphasis is put on asking people for their “preferred pronoun” as to avoid “triggering” them.

The narrator of the video details multiple situations in which a police officer may have to interact with a transgender person, and encourages them to prioritize the wishes and comfort of transgender people in order to provide them a “safe space” during police interactions.

Under the leadership of Obama-appointed attorneys general, the Justice Department has been on the cutting edge of LGBT activism. For instance, the Justice Department is currently suing the state of North Carolina over its controversial “transgender bathroom law.”

As The Washington Times points out, this video does not address these ongoing legal and political battles surrounding public policy and transgenderism. Instead, it encourages police officers to act as though these have been decided in favor of leftist gender ideologues already.

Really, the Justice Department has no business telling local law enforcement officers how to act professionally. Police who live in their own communities know how best to handle situations that could arise in their own communities, and the last thing they need is haughty “community relations” bureaucrats telling them how to do their jobs.

Aside from that, police interaction with transgender people is minimal. Only about 0.3 percent of the population — less than a million Americans — is transgender. The federal government, though, has decided that transgender people ought to be a specifically protected class, granted privileges above and beyond other classes.

Ultimately, this training video is part of something larger — total acceptance of left-wing gender ideology in American society. For instance, Facebook offers 58 gender options for users. Big businesses are partnering with Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department to sue North Carolina and other states that refuse to alter laws to suit the transgender minority. Training videos like this are simply another part of an agenda to push the boundaries of the sexual revolution in American life.

Almost all law enforcement officers behave with a proper level of professionalism and respect, and they know they should not go out of their way to make transgender people feel uncomfortable or persecuted. But political correctness often can be inimical to good police work. Officers should be allowed to effectively enforce the law, as opposed to being lab rats in the left’s social experimentation.

However, that matters little to the sexual revolutionists in the Justice Department, to whom nothing matters but imposing their radical ideology in every way possible.

Watch the egregious video below:

Michael Lucchese works for the American Principles Project.

Michael Lucchese

Michael Lucchese is a regular contributor to

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