Who Is Gilbert Chagoury? And Why Won’t The Media Tell Us?


If you haven’t noticed today, the American media is going nuts about Donald Trump’s $25,000 donation to Pamela Bondi’s re-election campaign. Bondi, the Florida Attorney General, is said to have been considering investigating Trump University at the time that the donation occurred.

Don’t get me wrong. NBC, CNN, the Washington Post, and basically every other news outlet are right to ask the obvious question. Are we really supposed to believe that there was no quid pro quo here? That’s a legitimate question.

But can we please treat Hillary Clinton with the same level of skeptical cynicism? Can we be fair?

Check this out. As Michael Lucchese has previously reported on The Pulse 2016, the Clinton Foundation received $1 million in donations from Gilbert Chagoury, one of two billionaire Nigerian-Lebanese landowning brothers. Immediately thereafter, the State Department — then under Secretary Clinton’s leadership — considered buying land from the Chagoury brothers to build a new consulate in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yes, that happened. This is just one of many problematic (to say the least) connections between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department under Hillary Clinton’s leadership. But apparently media outlets have no interest in covering that story.

Seriously, run a Google search for “Trump Bondi”. Here’s what you get:


Now, run a Google search for “Clinton Chagoury”. Here’s what you get:


The Clinton story is relegated to a few right-wing media outlets, while the Trump story is covered everywhere.

Kudos to my hometown heroes, the LA Times, for actually having an article on Chagoury in the top results. They even included a section marked “Part of a dictator’s inner circle” which highlights Chagoury’s efforts to influence US policy during the Bill Clinton administration, and his theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Nigerian people. They covered it as if, you know, it was an actual news story worth coverage. But I digress.

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Gilbert Chagoury, a Nigeria-born Lebanese billionaire, with President Bill Clinton.

The days of the United States having an unbiased media that reports news relevant to the American people are over. It’s clear, more than ever before, the vast majority of major media outlets are in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

The wealth of stories being promulgated by news media across the country about Donald Trump’s questionable donation to Pam Bondi, who is a law-abiding, decent American is understandable, and even, I’d say, good journalism. But it absolutely must be matched by stories investigating Clinton’s donations received from Gilbert Chagoury, who is a thieving manipulative businessman and only one of the pay-to-play figures surrounding the Clinton Department — er, sorry, I mean State Foundation — oh shoot, got it wrong again. Following Hillary Clinton’s mix of State Department and Clinton Foundation activities has me as mixed up as someone trying to remember the difference between one and thirteen Blackberrys.

I need a hammer.

Kevin Dawson is the Operations Manager at American Principles Project.

Kevin Dawson

Kevin Dawson is a regular contributor to TheNationalPulse.com.

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