WATCH: Tucker Carlson Dismantles Planned Parenthood Apologist


I have a personal confession to make: I don’t like watching Tucker Carlson. But I have to admit, even I was impressed after watching Carlson go after Planned Parenthood and their bogus defense of their abortion business. (You can read Diana Valentine’s recent takedown of Planned Parenthood in The National Pulse here.)

Carlson’s guest Friday night was Jehmu Greene, a former candidate for DNC chairperson and former Planned Parenthood Action Fund board member. Their discussion was meant to be about President Trump’s offer to continue, and potentially increase, Planned Parenthood’s funding if they agreed to give up providing abortions. Naturally, the exchange got pretty heated.

You can watch the full segment below:

The nearly seven-minute long interview had several highlights.

For one, Carlson smartly batted away Greene’s statement: “There is no such thing as a federally funded abortion. There is a law that prohibits that from happening, and so that is certainly not something that Planned Parenthood supports as legislation, but they abide by it.” Carlson’s response? “Money is fungible,” and he’s exactly right.

Carlson also drilled into the hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood’s recent messaging, repeatedly asking Greene: “If Planned Parenthood’s services are so vital — its non-abortion related services — what is the attachment to abortion?” Unsurprisingly, Greene evaded the question rather than answer it.

After his performance Friday, perhaps I’ll have to start tuning in to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” more often.

Kevin Dawson

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