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Final Thoughts on Tomi Lahren


It’s time for my “Final Thoughts” on Tomi Lahren, written, unfortunately, in the inimitable style of Tomi Lahren.

Last week, 24-year-old know-it-all firebrand Tomi Lahren, a supposedly “conservative” media superstar known mostly for her viral rants against black people, melted like the ideologically vapid snowflake she is on The View when asked about abortion.

Check it out below:

Sunny Hostin: “…[l]et me ask you this. You call yourself a conservative Republican and a constitutional conservative, but you also consider yourself pro-choice, which is interesting to me because 68 percent of conservative Republicans think that abortion should be illegal across the board.

Joy Behar: “Are you?”

Paula Faris: “You’re pro-choice?”

Tomi Lahren: “No, I’m pro-choice, and here’s why. I am a constitutional, you know, someone that loves the Constitution, I am someone that’s for limited government, and so I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. I can sit here and say that as a Republican, and I can say, you know what, I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well. So, I think it’s…

Behar: “Well you need to go out and speak to women about that. Speak to Republican women.”

Lahren: “I know, I do every day. I get a lot of attacks from conservative women as well. Equal hate from all sides for me.”

Faris: “See, Tomi? I told you that we wouldn’t bite. Give it up for Tomi Lahren!”

Hey Tomi, how do you plan on spending those 30 pieces of silver?

You see, Tomi, we all know what you’re doing here. Let’s not pretend this was an off-the-cuff remark. As anyone can see in the video, The View co-host Sunny Hostin clearly read from her notes to say that Lahren identified as pro-choice, a position Lahren had never taken previously, at least publicly.

Tomi, we’re not stupid. We know Hostin wouldn’t have had this information in her notes unless you and your team provided it to her.

This was obviously a scripted question — a question Tomi wanted — and a potentially viral moment that The View was happy to create in order to take a shot at the pro-life movement. Look at the sheer glee on Paula Faris’s face as Tomi publicly sold her soul to Cecile Richards and Hillary Clinton.

We know this was done on purpose as a publicity stunt. The only question left is why?

Why did Tomi Lahren stab her conservative, pro-life audience in the back, the same audience that vaulted her to social media stardom?

This is reminiscent of another viral conservative media personality, C.J. Pearson, and his public declaration that he was leaving the Republican Party to support Bernie Sanders just over a year ago. Pearson eventually reversed course, again, and supported Donald Trump emphatically. The whole thing was pretty ridiculous.

But there’s a difference, Tomi. You’re an adult, presumably. C.J. was just 13. Let’s give the kid a break. But you? Sorry, “bud” — isn’t that what you derisively called Colin Kaepernick? — you don’t deserve a break. You should know better.

By the way, Tomi, you mentioned “hypocrites” on The View. Remember this rant of yours against Lena Dunham just three months ago?

The pro-choicers are supposed to be about rare and safe abortions. That’s how they avoid sounding like straight up baby killers? By acknowledging abortion is not a positive thing and a difficult choice? Then we have Lena freaking Dunham out there, wishing she could have murdered a fetus, wishing for the option to kill your child doesn’t exactly say much about the cause, her character, or the pro-choice movement…

So let me get this straight. You go from calling the pro-choice movement “straight up baby killers” to calling the pro-life movement “hypocrites” for believing in the right to life enshrined in the Declaration of Independence… in just three months? Really?

Hey, Tomi, I think I know what’s going on here. Does this have anything to do with your expiring contract at The Blaze? Is this a desperate attempt to appeal to the mainstream media, leftists, or, God forbid, Hollywood in order to save your fledgling career?

Are you really just selling your rants to the highest bidder? Do you have no sense of conviction? Are you even conservative?

Let’s be real, Tomi. You’re worse than Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, and Beyonce combined! (Ooh, I bet that insult stings a bit. You really hate those guys!)

You don’t get to sell out the pro-life movement in a desperate attempt for adulation from a bunch of liberal Hollywood types and expect to maintain your mantle as a supposedly conservative thought leader. Nope. You’re done. Good riddance.

Those are my final thoughts on Tomi Lahren. That’s what I think. Love it or don’t, I don’t care, because this is America. Feel free to disagree, but “I’m a constitutional,” and dang it, I have a right to free speech and a TV show!

(By the way, I promise to never write in this ridiculous cadence again. Even as a joke. It’s awful. Please, let the fall of Tomi Lahren be a sign that this angry, third-grade-level style of writing is beneath all of us. We can do better. We can be better. Good riddance, Tomi.)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Jon Schweppe

Jon Schweppe is the Director of Government Affairs for American Principles Project. Follow him on Twitter @JonSchweppe

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