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Democrats Go All In on Abortion with New DNC Hire


The Democratic National Committee has just made another move to the left on abortion.

Newly-elected DNC Chairman Tom Perez, who recently said that Democratic support for abortion is non-negotiable, has appointed pro-abortion activist Jess O’Connell as its CEO. O’Connell is the executive director of EMILY’s List, a political action committee which raises money specifically for pro-abortion candidates.

When Obama took office, pro-lifers in the Democratic Party were marginalized, and now they’ve been all but eliminated. This new appointment gives further evidence that the Democratic Party is firm in its support for abortion on demand, without exceptions, and without apology.

As the American people become more pro-life, the Democrat Party is becoming more pro-abortion. Republicans would do well to call them out on it and draw bright contrasts. And the GOP needs to follow through on its pro-life promises.

As the Democrat Party moves further into darkness, so do their chances of being a national party, not just a party of liberal big cities.

Photo credit: Cliff via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Thomas Valentine

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