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ESPN Claims They’re Not Liberal… Using a Poll That Shows They’re Liberal


As I’ve covered before, many media observers have pointed to ESPN’s increasing leftward tilt as a reason for their hemorrhage of viewers and subscribers. ESPN has taken notice of this criticism, and yesterday, the sports network came out with a survey on the matter that confirms their bias — though you wouldn’t know it based on ESPN’s spin of their own poll.

A survey conducted May 3-7 — a month before they finally released the results, curiously — found that of viewers who think ESPN has a political bias, 63 percent thought it has a liberal bias while 30 percent thought it has a conservative bias.

Incredibly, however, ESPN only reported the 30 percent figure in their press release about the poll!

There is no mention of the 63 percent figure in ESPN’s article.

The Washington Examiner caught on to this and reached out to ESPN for comment. ESPN responded that it was “implied” that the overwhelming number of viewers though ESPN is liberal — even though the press release highlights the 30 percent figure as if to say accusations that they are liberal are not true.

So it appears ESPN will continue down this road of left-wing bias, even as they also continue down the road of plummeting viewership and subscriptions.

Photo credit: Rob Poetsch via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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