LGBTQ Pride Parades Marked by Intolerance, Exclusion


This weekend, marchers decked out in rainbows, “Love Trumps Hate” t-shirts, and “Make America Gay Again” baseball caps, took to the streets across the country to supposedly stand up for equality, tolerance, and diversity. However, news stories have emerged showing how exclusive, intolerant, and divisive the Pride parade organizers can actually be.

In Washington, D.C., the Capital Pride parade sent a clear message to police officers that even if they identify as LGBTQ, they are not welcome. Bernie Delia, president of Capital Pride Alliance, said that because of objections to the presence of police and “historical problems with law enforcement in general,” police would have to wear polo shirts, not uniforms.

The event tolerates all sorts of obscene outfits — or lack of outfits — but apparently police uniforms are just way too much.

No Justice No Pride, an LGBTQ group that held a counter protest, said that in order for them to agree to participate in the Capital Pride parade in the future, the board would have to go even further and bar all police from marching in the parade, regardless of whether or not they were wearing their uniforms.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte, N.C., Republicans were the ones under attack by parade organizers. The parade board recently rejected a patriotic themed float because the group’s Republican affiliation did not “reflect the mission, vision and values of our organization, as is acknowledged in our parade rules and regulations.”

Brian Talbert, a member of Deplorable Pride, the group whose float was banned, said the float was to have American flags, patriotic music, and a replica of the Statue of Liberty. “You were going to look at this float and be filled with pride for being an American,” Talbert said.

But Charlotte’s parade would not tolerate that sort of pride if it was brought to them by a group whose political views differed from their left-wing politics.

If Pride events are really about acceptance and love towards all LGBTQ people, why do they seek to exclude gay policemen and transgender Republicans?

The reason is quite simple — their mission is not really about supporting LGBTQ people; rather, it is about using LGBTQ people to support their political message.

It is about using LGBTQ people to strike down laws protecting religious freedom by forcing Christian bakers, florists, and wedding photographers to participate in gay “weddings.” It is about using LGBTQ people to portray the Republicans as bigots in an attempt to gain more votes for the Democratic Party. It is about using LGBTQ people to weaken law enforcement by portraying them as victims who have been oppressed by higher society, in particular the police force.

If an LGBTQ person dares diverge from the politically correct road, he should expect to be immediately excluded and no longer tolerated by Pride event organizers. It makes perfect sense when one takes a step back, examines the larger picture, and realizes how the Left is using LGBTQ people to promote their own political ideology.

Andrea Moury

Andrea Moury is a regular contributor to

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