How We Should React to Today’s GOP Baseball Shooting


This morning, an anti-Trump gunman from Illinois opened fire on several GOP congressmen and staffers at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. The players were preparing for tomorrow’s annual Congressional Baseball Game, a long-running bipartisan tradition to raise money for charity.

While the gunman managed to injure several, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, it appears that everyone, with the exception of the gunman, will survive. Because Scalise was present at the practice, Capitol Police happened to be on the scene and were able to stop the gunman after several minutes of gunfire.

The reactions to this shooting have been varied from Right and Left. Some responses have been truly vile. But instead of demonizing each other, as we usually do when a shooting like this takes place, I’d like to make the following request:

Please pray for America. Pray that we reject hate. Pray for healing. Pray that we come together and unite as Americans. Pray that we put people above politics.

We are headed down a very dark path. Pray that we turn around before it’s too late.

Conservatives, hug a liberal today. Seriously. Do it. Tell them you love them. Tell them you appreciate them for their differences. Recognize that they are human, just like you and me. Show them love.

Liberals, I know you may not value my opinion very much, but respectfully, I would ask that you do likewise.

Yes, politics matter. This stuff matters. But the sanctity of life matters far more. Violence in the name of ideology is never justified.

Jon Schweppe

Jon Schweppe is the Director of Government Affairs for American Principles Project. Follow him on Twitter @JonSchweppe