In the U.K., Two Baby Boys Highlight One Massive Divide


At a hospital in London, a royal duchess gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Mother and son were given the best available care, and amazingly the duchess stepped out of the hospital a mere seven hours after giving birth to show her baby to the world. Hundreds of reporters, photographers, and onlookers were there to greet and applaud her. She went back inside to feed her baby and rest comfortably with the care of dozens of staff.

A few hours away in Liverpool, a mother and father kept vigil at the bedside of their beautiful baby boy. However, they were not allowed to feed their baby and rest comfortably. Instead of hundreds of friendly faces waiting outside the hospital, an armed police officer watches their every move. Their baby was sentenced to death by a court. His crime? Being sick.

Two baby boys. One royal, one a commoner.

Two baby boys. Both treated by government health care systems. One treated with extreme measures of care, one with extreme measures of contempt.

Two baby boys. One who will undoubtedly grow big and strong, and who is already wealthy and powerful. One who is not wealthy, or powerful, and will probably not grow big — but who is very strong.

Two baby boys. One who will not have to worry about any need whatsoever for the entirety of his life. One who is left gasping for air and starving for food.

Two baby boys. One protected and admired by the force of a mighty government. One told by that same government that he has no business being alive.

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Two mothers. One whose every need is catered to. One who has to watch her child slowly die.

Two fathers. One who is never questioned. One who is told he is not even allowed to bring his child home and will be arrested if he tries.

Two baby boys. One healthy and wealthy, one sick and poor. One growing and thriving, one suffocating and starving.

Two baby boys. One loved by millions, one loved by few. One who is called Prince of Cambridge, one who is just called Alfie.

Two baby boys. Both created in God’s image. But the government says one can live, while the other must die.

Thomas Valentine

Thomas Valentine is a columnist for

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