Planned Parenthood Releases Creepy Sex-Ed Chatbot for Kids


Planned Parenthood isn’t satisfied with having aborted more than 330,000 babies in 2017. Now, in an effort to cast their net a little wider and reel in a larger number of potential clients, they’ve developed a chatbot named Roo. Roo is an artificial intelligence app available via the Planned Parenthood website and targeted at kids age 13 to 17, a demographic that already spends an average of nine hours a day online. The app, designed with the input of high school students, purports to offer “quick answers to intimate sexual health questions” — in other words, extremely biased and perpetuating dangerous progressive indoctrination.  

According to liberals, the app is Planned Parenthood’s way of counteracting right-wing conservatives’ efforts to block government funding of Planned Parenthood, making it nearly impossible for teens to receive proper information about their sexual health. Dr. Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said, “It’s important that our youth receive a reliable answer (about sexual health) they can trust…We believe all young people have the right to the evidence-based information and skills they need to protect their health…”

Although there has been relatively little media coverage of the app’s roll-out, what has been reported comes down hard on conservatives and strongly in favor of Planned Parenthood’s foray into the digital marketplace. Articles contain expressions such as “closing the sex education gap,” “lowering the barrier of anxiety,” and “providing a safe space to get answers,” when referring to Planned Parenthood’s latest project.

I don’t know about you, but the last place I want my child to get information about sexual health is Planned Parenthood — the largest, most unrepentant purveyor of dead babies in the world. But that’s exactly what Planned Parenthood is hoping to do, contending they will be able to give personalized answers 24/7 about topics children can’t or won’t discuss with parents or a trusted adult. The app provides a list of “popular” questions, as well as a choice of topics including puberty, STDs and pregnancy, masturbation, birth control, and sexual orientation and gender.

Not surprisingly, responses to questions are exactly what you would expect from a company in the business of peddling “if-it-feels-good-do-it” Kool-Aid, sprinkled liberally with left-wing bias. According to Dawn Laquens, Executive VP and Chief Experience Officer, “The actual idea of Planned Parenthood is that your body and your pleasure are your own — and that has been the idea of Planned Parenthood for 101 years.” In that case, Roo is already living up to expectations, leaving parents out of the equation.

Examples of the “reliable” answers kids will be getting from Planned Parenthood include some of the following:

  • Roo on the right age to start having sex: It’s up to you, but the average age to have sex for the first time is 17. What Roo doesn’t even suggest is that having sex at 17 is, without a doubt, a really bad idea for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is becoming just another Planned Parenthood statistic.
  • Roo on being pressured for sex: Being pressured for sex is wrong, even if it’s someone you’re hooking up with (emphasis added). Aside from the morality issues, what Roo doesn’t say is that “hooking up” for a one-night stand creates a dangerous situation for young people, including the likelihood of engaging in unprotected sex, STDs or pregnancy, and, especially for young women, the possibility of a sexual assault or rape. When I asked Roo to define “hooking up,” it couldn’t even define the term.
  • Roo on herpes: It’s common and annoying, but not usually dangerous. What Roo doesn’t say is that it’s incurable, highly contagious, can interfere with intimacy, and can create serious medical complications during childbirth.
  • Roo on abortion: It’s incredibly safe and common, and serious problems are rare. That is, if you don’t consider a dead child a serious problem. Regardless, the word “common” implies the procedure itself is a no-brainer. Everybody’s doing it, why not you? Also, “common” flies in the face of the “safe, legal, and rare” mantra coined by former President Bill Clinton.
  • Roo on pornography: There’s nothing wrong with being curious about or watching porn. What Roo doesn’t say is that pornography has a direct link to sex trafficking, violence against women and children, and is also, in some circumstances, highly addictive. Even the left-wing, free-for-all feminists would have to disagree with Planned Parenthood on this one. No one should ever encourage children to expose themselves to pornography.

It’s startling how much of the information being provided by Planned Parenthood is either inaccurate or overtly dangerous — not to mention the information Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide or is unwilling to recognize. When questioned, the app repeatedly responded that it didn’t understand words like parental consent, sex trafficking, adoption, prostitution, viability, or heartbeat.

Also, Roo never refers the user back to a parent or trusted adult to receive the guidance and support. Rather, it refers the user to a nameless, faceless person via text message, whose one and only job is to advance the agenda of the progressive left. The user can also be directed to the Planned Parenthood website where they can conveniently schedule an appointment online at their local clinic.

Although Dr. Wen proclaims kids are entitled to evidence-based answers, she completely ignores the element of emotional readiness. The reality is that kids in Planned Parenthood’s cross-hairs universally make poor decisions due to a lack of maturity, both cognitively and emotionally. When kids are making decisions related to their sexual health, which can have negative life-long consequences, evidence-based alone doesn’t cut it. They need every aspect of their sexuality addressed, from the cognitive and emotional, to the social and moral — something Planned Parenthood has never done, and continues to ignore as artificial intelligence leads the charge in sex education.

If you see this app on your child’s phone, delete it. Then sit down and have a tough but honest conversation about why Planned Parenthood doesn’t have their best interests in mind. Reliable answers to intimate sexual health questions are never quick and should always come from home, not artificial intelligence.

Lisa Hudson

Lisa Hudson is a founding member of Arizonans Against Common Core and an advocate of classical Christian education and the protection of student privacy. She graduated from Michigan State University School of Law in 1996 and is an active member of the State Bar of Michigan.

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