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Tucker Carlson Takes on Walmart over Company’s Leftward Shift


Walmart used to be a major target for Democrats. They would pillory the retail giant for paying low wages to their employees and wiping out small businesses. Republicans would often rush to Walmart’s defense as a free market success story.

Now the tables have turned as Walmart is using its might to push a left-wing political agenda. As the company expands into more urban areas, it is hoping to attract a more left-leaning clientele while gambling that it won’t drive its existing customer base away.

Walmart announced this week that it would cease selling handgun ammunition and certain kinds of rifle ammo and would stop selling handguns in Alaska, the last place where it did so. Then Walmart CEO Doug McMillon publicly called for Congress to take up an “assault weapons” ban.

The liberals who attacked Walmart for years are now rushing to its defense. Ruth Marcus, a pundit with The Washington Post, called Walmart “a business acting in a more enlightened and agile way than government does.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took the opportunity to indict Walmart not just for inserting itself into a political debate but for the havoc it has wreaked on small towns and factories across America.

The Left’s defense of Walmart is further proof that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working class. And it’s clear that Walmart has exploited the American economy for its own gain and is seeking to shelter itself from criticism by adopting left-wing policies.

Good for Tucker Carlson for waking Americans up to the truth: Walmart is bad for America.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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