Photo credit: American Life League via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

Pro-Life Group Blocks New Planned Parenthood Clinic in Kansas City


When a pro-life group discovered that Planned Parenthood intended to open a clinic in their area, they jumped into action. Because of their efforts, the plans for the new clinic are now blocked.

Planned Parenthood Exposed is a group that seeks to educate the public about the damage Planned Parenthood and abortion cause. Their board president, Ron Kelsey, attended a public meeting in early September where he learned about Planned Parenthood’s plans to open a clinic in Kansas City, Kansas.

He also learned that the group was trying to keep the clinic plans secret. Kelsey stated in an email:

I was at a public meeting last Tuesday that PP [Planned Parenthood] held at the KCK [Kansas City, Kansas] public library…An attendee at that meeting stated that she had heard that PP was opening a location in KCK. The PP presenter responded that they were planning on opening a location within two miles of downtown KCK, but that PP would not discuss this further at this time. PP is also advertising for positions in KCK.

Kelsey learned that the abortion provider had signed a lease on office space at 1854 Minnesota Avenue. This location is within blocks of a local high school.

The pro-life group quickly started working to block Planned Parenthood’s move into the neighborhood. They sent emails to the owners of the newly leased office space, explaining their concerns. They also launched a prayer and public information campaign, exposing the abortion provider’s intent to move into the residential neighborhood.

Success came when Jim Larkin, one of the owners of the office property, emailed back and let Kelsey know that they were canceling the lease with Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, the owners promised that they “will not be leasing or selling the building to PP or anyone similar now or never.”

The owners are even going the extra mile and putting a clause in the property deed that would prevent any future owners from renting space to an abortion provider.

While the public interest campaign launched by Planned Parenthood Exposed could certainly be deemed successful, Kelsey warns that pro-lifers in the Kansas City area should not be too complacent. Planned Parenthood will likely be looking for other office space. To stay a step ahead of the abortion provider, his group is proactively reaching out to government officials, advocating against Planned Parenthood opening an abortion facility in their community.

Photo credit: American Life League via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

Kelvey Vander Hart

Kelvey Vander Hart is passionate about Jesus, conservatism, fitness, and fantastic coffee; she is also the Associate Editor at Caffeinated Thoughts. She can be followed on Twitter @kovanderhart.

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