Police Busted a Refugee Rape Gang, Then Kept it a Secret


Police busted a gang consisting entirely of Middle Eastern or South Asian refugees who preyed on almost 50 young girls according to official reports. 

Pursuant to political correctness and not police protocol, the operation was kept secret.

Reports show that the of the 46 identified suspects of the 55-member gang, all of them were of “Kurdish, Afghani, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish, Pakistani or Iraqi” descent.

The National Child Abuse Investigation Unit report detailed how many men abused each victim: “Girl 1 – 28 suspects, Girl 2 – 23 suspects, Girl 3 – 9 suspects, Girl 4 – 8 suspects, Girl 5 – 4 suspects, Girl 6 – 1 suspect. All are known to one another. 20 other named girls believed to be victims. A further 18 girls were identified through the course of the current investigation.”

Britain has sadly become accustomed to rape and grooming gangs from their South Asian immigrant population

Now, 22 of the suspects still reside in the greater Glasgow area, 8 are presumed to be living in the United Kingdom, 14 have been deported, one is awaiting deportation, and one is in prison.

This follows the uncovering of Muslim grooming gangs in the United Kingdom (or as the mainstream media refers to them, “Asian” grooming gangs) with the victim toll nearing 1,000.

While the Daily Express investigative reporting team was credited with sounding the alarm on this coverup, the article outlining in greater detail the effort is no longer on the website.

Asked why Operation Cerrar was not made public, a police source said: “We need to be very clear that we always carefully consider when and what information to release in relation to ongoing investigations to protect vulnerable victims and the integrity of the inquiry.”

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