Desperate Dems Will ‘Strongly Unite’ Behind Socialist Sanders, Claim Schumer, Pelosi


Socialism is no longer relegated to the fringe of the Democratic Party, even according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The tag-team responsible for the failed impeachment inquiry announced the party would “strongly unite” behind a socialist candidate in a joint press conference.

A reporter asked the pair: “Are you comfortable with a so-called Democratic socialist, as he calls himself, on the top of your ticket?”

Schumer responds: “Primaries are primaries, and there are always lots of ‘Sturm und Drang.’ You will see in a few months, Democrats will be strongly united together and we will be focused like a laser on beating Donald Trump. The enthusiasm that you last saw in 2008 to elect Barack Obama you will see among Democrats this summer and fall to get Donald Trump out of office.”

And Pelosi, unintentionally highlighting Schumer’s inability to lead Democrats to a Senate majority, adds: “We in the House feel that we set a model for how to win elections by winning in the most gerrymandered, voter-suppressed arena you could ever put together, net gain of 40 seats. So we think we are an engine that can help us win that election whoever our nominee is.”

While the political establishment certainly hasn’t extended an olive branch to the candidate in question, Bernie Sanders, and their attempts to undermine his candidacy rival their quest to impeach President Trump for refusing to be a rubber stamp on their method of conducting foreign policy, Pelosi and Schumer’s willingness to support a socialist candidate is a new low for the Democratic party.

This desperation is a result of the lackluster Democratic primary field, best described as a “struggle bus.”

However, there is a silver lining: imagine watching Sanders, who “doesn’t know how much his plans are going to cost,” go head to head with President Trump, who’s reoriented the American economy to prioritize the working class, Sanders’s target demographic.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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