POLL: Number of Americans ‘Better Off’ Financially and Personally Breaks All-Time High Under Trump


President Trump has trumped several, decades-long records of American confidence in personal and financial situations, according to a Gallup poll. 

Sixty-one percent of Americans feel they are “better off” since the day President Trump stepped into the White House – over 10 percentage points higher than the previously recorded high for incumbent re-election years.

Since the data point began being tracked, the number has not passed 50 percent and hit its all-time low of 45 percent under Obama.

There is a stark partisan divide behind this number: 89 percent of Republicans and just 29 percent of Democrats feel they are “better off.”

The Republican high outperforms all previously record numbers by over 20 percentage points while the Democratic percentile represents a new low.

And under a Democratic president, only 60 percent of Democrats – nearly 30 percentage points below President Trump’s numbers – felt they were “better off.”

Additionally, a key demographic required for President Trump in 2020, Independents, poll at a record-breaking 60 percent, 10 points higher than the previously recorded high from 1996.

The poll attributes much of this success to President Trump’s robust economy, not merely a talking point of the right-wing punditocracy, but a fact corroborated by additional findings from the poll.

A record-breaking 52 percent of individuals believe their financial standings improved from three years ago.

And despite Democrat’s wishful thinking, the majority of American voters give “more credit” to President Trump rather than Obama for fostering the economic boom.

With polls like these, it’s easy to see why the Trump 2020 campaign slogan is ‘Keep America Great’: its predecessor, ‘Make America Great Again’ has been accomplished with flying colors.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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