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SCHILLING: Cali ‘Conservative’ Carl DeMaio Supports Pro-Trans Ideology Legislation – Ditch Him!


Pro-family conservatives face huge opportunities and challenges this year.

President Trump has been uniformly excellent on our issues thus far: life, judges, immigration, cutting regulation, jobs and the economy.

Whatever one’s expectations were for this President on these topics, he’s over-delivered.

So our first political opportunity and challenge is ensuring this President is reelected.

President Trump can accomplish a lot, and has, through executive order. But we can help him be even more effective in a second Trump term with functioning MAGA majorities in the House and Senate. We need to win those races and take over those bodies, filling them with Members who wholly buy into President Trump’s MAGA agenda.

California’s March 3rd runoff in the 50th Congressional District provides may be the most compelling opportunity and challenge this cycle for pro-family activists.

That’s because it features a Trump-style conservative in Darrell Issa, who’s supported by pro-family conservatives, and liberal Republican Carl DeMaio. The result of this Republican fight will have a huge impact on the House balance of power and the future direction of the Republican Party in notoriously liberal California.

If Issa’s name is familiar its because he was a leading antagonist of President Obama’s administration.

As House Oversight Committee Chair, Issa held Obama and Eric Holder’s feet to the fire on the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal. When Obama’s IRS was targeting pro-family nonprofits, Issa was there holding hearings that forced Obama apparatchik Lois Lerner to famously plead the fifth. Issa is a trusted enough Trump confidante that the President nominated him to serve in his administration after his time in Congress.

Darrell Issa is supported by a who’s who of MAGA-friendly groups and individuals: the National Border Patrol Council knows Issa will help the President build the wall and endorsed Issa; the National Right to Life Committee, which usually doesn’t get involved in non-incumbent primaries, is also with Issa; the Family Research Council’s political arm, FRC Action, endorsed Darrell Issa and Trump stalwarts Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich have also joined Team Issa.

But his opponent, Carl DeMaio, has been equally bad on our issues.

DeMaio called President Trump “a disgusting pig” in the 2016 election and campaigned for his Libertarian opponent.

DeMaio is proudly pro-abortion, saying we don’t need any restrictions on abortion, and claiming the Republican Party “needs to get out of the culture issues.”

Carl DeMaio even supported sanctuary city policies when he ran – and lost – for San Diego Mayor.

DeMaio gives every indication that he is a liberal, social justice warrior, and would be no friend to conservatives if elected to California’s 50th district.

Just last week he said he’d support the Fairness for All Act.

This bill is a liberal sop to the radical Left, and as the Heritage Foundation states, the Act “would force individuals and institutions to bow to transgender ideology, threatening privacy, safety, and fairness for women and girls.

Carl DeMaio is a liberal wolf in sheep’s clothing who’s fought the President’s MAGA agenda every step of the way.

He must be defeated by pro-family activists March 3rd.

Terry Schilling

Terry Schilling is executive director of the American Principles Project.

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