Junior Doctors' Protest, 2000 (Flickr, CC)

Britain’s Government Health Service Could Deny Treatment to Patients Deemed ‘Racist,’ or ‘Homophobic’


As the left pushes America towards government healthcare, news has emerged that patients deemed “racist,” “sexist,” or “homophobic” by the government in the United Kingdom could be denied medical care in facilities around the country.

The policy – set to be implemented in April – expands upon the “rights” of medical professionals to refuse “non-critical” services to those deemed “homophobic, sexist or racist.”

The addition of the language that previously allowed medical professionals to refuse services to those being verbally or physically abusive is coupled with broader authority for British police and the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate and prosecute crimes committed against NHS workers, including alleged hate crimes.

Justifying the change, the “Conservative” Health Secretary Matt Hancock – a critical member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s team – wrote in a memo:

“No act of violence or abuse is minor. Being assaulted or abused is not part of the job. Far too often I hear stories that the people you are trying to help lash out. I’ve seen it for myself in A&Es, on night shifts, and on ambulances. horrified that any member of the public would abuse or physically assault a member of our NHS staff but it happens too often.”

The memo cited findings from the 2019 NHS Staff Survey which found that more than 25 percent of workers were bullied, abused, or harassed, and roughly 15 percent were physically assaulted.

The inclusion of such subjective terms such as “racist” is sure to cause concern, especially as around 153,000 of over 1.2 million NHS workers are not British citizens, and around 65,000 come from European Union member countries. Britain recently left the European Union.

Britain’s NHS is notoriously left-wing, riven with political activists, unions, and strikes.

Junior Doctors’ Protest, 2000 (Flickr, CC)

A single-payer healthcare system is favored by left-wing Democrats and their media allies, who have campaigned for government centralization and ownership of the U.S. healthcare system for decades.

Once confined to the far-left of the Democratic Party of America, nationalized healthcare or similar is now an increasingly accepted political talking point for the left.

Not only does this illustrate a potentially life-threatening mix of political correctness and healthcare, it shows another pitfall of socialized medicine: the government gets to decide whether or not you’re worthy of treatment.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.