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Prof. Fails To Disclose Planned Parenthood Ties While Writing Pro-Abortion Op-Ed


University of Utah Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology David Turok penned an op-ed glorifying abortion but failed to disclose his ties to the nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

While his current affiliation with Planned Parenthood is unknown, Dr. Turok was the Director of Surgical Services according to Planned Parenthood of Utah’s 2012-2013 annual report and media reports suggest he worked for the organization at least through 2018.

Despite this, Dr. Turok opens his article, a critical response to several anti-abortion bills circulating the Utah State Legislature, with: “As an obstetrician with 20 years of experience, I have been trusted by more than 10,000 patients to care for them at critical moments in their pregnancies. I have witnessed the exhaustion, elation, pain, grief and relief of patients during natural childbirth, Cesarean sections, abortions and miscarriages,” and doesn’t mention Planned Parenthood throughout the entire article.

Utah pro-life activists take issue with Dr. Turok “playing both sides by using his title of Associate Professor in the University of Utah Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to appear credible in circles where his Planned Parenthood title may be looked down upon.”

Vice President of Pro-Life Utah Deanna Holland added: “When 500+ Utah health care workers signed the letter opposing upcoming pro-life bills, many likely did not realize they were signing their name below the Surgical Director of Planned Parenthood of Utah, Dr. David Turok.”

And the op-ed itself is similarly dishonest.

It promotes the left-wing narrative that abortion is primarily used for reasons other than personal choice, citing only an example where a baby’s genetic disorder was the reason for the termination of its life:

To better understand trust and freedom in medicine, consider the cases of two patients with planned pregnancies who, at 13 weeks, discovered that the pregnancy was affected by the same genetic disorder. The women were of the same age, both already had a child and had supportive spouses. The prognosis for each pregnancy was a shortened life with likely severe developmental delay. One person elected to end her pregnancy and one elected to continue. I cared for both.”

In reality, state records from Florida, which require healthcare providers to record individuals’ reasons for abortion, show that of the 70,083 abortions in 2018, 75.4 percent of them were “elective.”

Dr. Turok continues, emphasizing the importance of the “individual’s freedom to decide,” glaringly hypocritical given how his pro-choice stance completely disregards the opinion of the father and directly infringes on the baby’s freedom.

He also hails “abortion care as extremely safe,” failing to mention the numerous side effects of the procedure: for example, a study of 877,000 women, of which 164,000 had an abortion, showed that women who had abortions were 81 percent more likely to experience mental health struggles, 34 percent more likely to develop an anxiety disorder, 37 percent more likely to experience depression, 110 percent more likely to abuse alcohol, and 155 percent more likely to commit suicide.

Failing to disclose ideology in an effort to appear unbiased is the left’s MO when it comes to media; except this time, the victims are innocent babies.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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