California delegates scream 'guilty' while Chris Christie speaks about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on the second day of the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. Photo by Antonella Crescimbeni

President Trump’s ‘Grand New Party’


President Trump has used his time in office to change the platform and energy of the Republican Party.

Despite the obviousness of this claim, it is clear little has been written enumerating the precise details of the shift he imposed on GOP tenets. Indeed, President Trump has created a Grand New Party, and the consequences of this creation should be understood and solidified by his supporters in order to ensure his legacy lasts far beyond his tenure.


The first is his unabashedly anti-globalist stance.

President Trump stated in his United Nations address this past September, “the future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.”

The Republican Party can no longer engage with the ambiguities and irritations of globalist trade deals and agreements. The party should now incessantly prioritize “America first” always.

In practice, this principle includes actions like replacing the Clinton/Bush NAFTA deal, killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, utilizing tariffs to renegotiate a new Phase One China Deal, striving to revitalize manufacturing and industry at home, and using the President’s “bully pulpit”  to undermine the inequitable decrees of globalism.

All of this to the great excitement and support of blue-collar workers and his Grand New Party (GNP) followers and to the great dismay and resentment of coercive global elites.


The second tenet involves constantly deconstructing the leviathan of the U.S. administrative state.

Where past Republicans allowed bureaucratic bodies to bloat and inflate, Trump’s administration has actively pursued historic levels of deregulation and has cleaned house of “deep state” actors looking to subvert an America First agenda.

We have seen time and time again President Trump cut the red tape on overwhelming regulations and administrative rules that overflow the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). It is often noted Trump has far exceeded his original goal of removing two regulations for every one added, now removing an astounding twenty-two regulations for every additional. President Trump has also led a crusade to remove unnecessary or subversive bureaucrats that do not contribute positively.

President Donald J. Trump prepares to cut the “red tape” of regulations | December 14, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

All of this to the great joy of small-business owners and Grand New Party patriots who have dreamt of draining the swamp for years, and to the great frustration of the Lt. Col. Vindmans being dragged off the White House complex once and for all.


The third tenet is the new Republican Party principle of punching back.

The President doesn’t succumb to the coercive political correctness or forced apology tours expected by leftist activists and mainstream media. Where so many GOP politicians in the past let Republicans down with feckless debate responses and blundering atonements, GNP politicians (Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz) do not falter in their defiance of the liberal elite.

Trump’s GNP instead punches back against the left’s incessant insults, coups, hoaxes, set-up questions, and outright falsehoods.

This was evidenced in the support the Republican House and Senate displayed during the impeachment process. Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney serves as the perfect example of a pre-Trump Republican, being feeble and worthless in the face of adversity cooked up by Democrats and their media allies.

U.S. Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows (Gage Skidmore, Flickr, CC)

There are more principles to President Trump’s Grand New Party: his anti-neocon effort to end endless wars; finally supporting veterans with true accountability and care; being unconditionally pro-life; and taking a zero-tolerance stance on illegal immigration.

These are principles that win elections.

They are principles that have proven to energize American patriots.

Perhaps most importantly, they are principles that will apolitically ensure American prosperity and success long into the future.

President Trump has given Republicans a Grand New Party and it is absolutely imperative that his supporters recognize and act on this fact. If they fail to do so, the same neocons and globalists (think of the losers at National Review) that once controlled the party will reassert their will on the Republican platform and act to revert Trump’s accomplishments and progress.

If they fail to do so, the rise of Bernie’s socialist populism will energetically destroy whatever Haley-Crenshaw type of ticket the old Republicans impose.

Aidan Wheeler

Aidan Wheeler is the College Republicans President at Hillsdale College

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