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China’s Western Propaganda Group, in 90 U.S. Universities, Promotes ‘Timely, Transparent, Open And Effective’ CCP Response to Coronavirus Outbreak


The Confucius Institute is living up to its reputation as the international propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party with its response to the novel coronavirus, extolling the CCP’s response as “timely, transparent, open and effective.”

Reality is far different from this CCP-sanctioned narrative: at first, the regime ignored the existence of the virus, repeatedly threatening doctors who raised concerns that “if they kept being stubborn, with such impertinence, and continue this illegal activity, they would be brought to justice.”

Confucius Institute, University of Michigan

Even a University of Southampton study concluded a 95 percent reduction in global coronavirus cases would have resulted if the CCP addressed the virus in its infancy – a stark contrast from the Confucius Institute proclaiming the regime’s “comprehensive” response to the virus demonstrated the CCP’s ability to “once again creates miracles with Chinese speed.”

Confucius Institute HQ, via a press release, alleges:

“After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese side has, in the spirit of being responsible for people’s health and for global public health, taken the most comprehensive and strict prevention and control measures, share the information of the epidemic and the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus with the relevant parties in a timely, transparent, open and effective manner.”

The message clearly distances the CCP from any responsibility and depicts the regime as saving the day – far from the truth.

The statement continues, alleging the regime’s self-proclaimed “timely, transparent, open and effective” response has been extolled by several international bodies and leaders: “The measures taken by the Chinese side have effectively prevented the spread of the epidemic worldwide, which has been fully recognized and highly valued by the World Health Organization and many countries.”

Confucius Institute, University of IOWA

The rest of the report emphasizes the unity and strength of China’s response with meaningless platitudes: “We believe sincerity and kindness will overcome estrangement, while care and compassion will not be shadowed by panic and fear.”

It concludes with: “Let us join hands to tackle the current difficulties!”

In other words, the CCP believes it should be able to spawn a virus, exacerbate the spread by mishandling it, disseminate propaganda globally divorcing itself from any responsibility, and then “join hands” – that’s not happening under President Trump’s watch.

The Confucius Institute has embedded itself in nearly 90 American universities, and its critics assert it disseminates propaganda on behalf of the CCP and engages in intellectual property theft.

It’s also a recent target of a legislation introduced by Senator Lankford to “minimize Chinese efforts to exert inappropriate influence on American university campuses through Confucius Institutes, which repress free speech and discourage transparency.”

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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