CAIN: Ghoulish Media Wish Trump Would Catch the Coronavirus


Trump haters have lost their minds… if they had any minds left to lose.

Ever since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, President Donald Trump’s critics have been frothing at the mouth over the prospect that he could have caught the virus after coming into contact with an infected individual.

This has been the essence of the left since before President Trump was elected. Instead of disagreeing with his political viewpoints, they wish misfortune on him and his followers.

This ugly instinct surfaced again recently when it was found that a member of Brazilian Prime Minister Jair Bolsonaro’s team had tested positive for the virus after dining with President Trump in Florida.

The Brazilian prime minister took a test that came back negative, but that didn’t stop a rumor from circulating in the meantime that he had tested positive for the virus and potentially exposed President Trump to it as well.

Delighted leftists – including from the Council on Foreign Relations – continued to hold out morbid hope that the President had nonetheless been infected even after Bolsonaro insisted on his personal Facebook page that he had tested negative for the virus.

Wishing coronavirus on Republicans and Trump supporters seems to be a recurring theme.

A Democratic City Councilwoman in Denver urged anybody who tests positive for coronavirus to attend as many Trump rallies as possible.

In another instance, a woman who was stuck in her room on the Grand Princess cruise ship during a coronavirus outbreak tweeted that the cruise ship had run out of food. After seeing from an old tweet that she supported President Trump, angry leftists gloated at her predicament and remarked that she deserved to die on that ship because of her political views.

Of course, the media piled on, hectoring President Trump about getting tested, even though he had no symptoms and was trying to set a good example for the American people by abstaining from testing that his doctors deemed unnecessary.

As more media reports appeared on various coronavirus-positive people the President may have come into contact with during the Florida dinner or at Mar-a-Lago, his critics switched their tone from hopeful he catches the virus to angry he didn’t immediately test and self-quarantine.

During a recent Rose Garden coronavirus press conference, multiple reporters urged President Trump to get tested for the virus, to which he responded he had no symptoms, but planned to get tested anyway.

As usual, they presented him with a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition.

They would undoubtedly have called him a selfish hypocrite and a bad role model if he got tested without meeting the criteria laid out by his own administration for other Americans to follow.

Even after the test and its negative result, some critics refused to believe him.

Leftist hack George Conway — a lawyer, it should be noted — insulted the entire osteopathic medicine profession in an attempt to discredit the White House physician.

Now the President has officially tested negative, as everyone should have expected based on the absence of symptoms, there’s no evident sense of relief on the left.

Rather, liberals seem to be holding out hope that even though Trump hasn’t contracted coronavirus, his hands-on leadership style will expose him to the virus eventually.

Fortunately, our President is a well-known germaphobe who has been following the CDC’s recommended procedures for preventing contagion long before the novel coronavirus ever emerged from Wuhan, China.

Once again, liberals are merely indulging in wishful thinking.

It’s difficult to believe that partisanship has escalated to such a point that people are actually hoping the President of the United States contracts a potentially dangerous virus — but it’s even more difficult to believe that liberals can’t seem to realize how petty and vindictive they sound when they do so.

Herman Cain

Herman Cain is CEO of The New Voice, Inc and a former presidential candidate

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