China Used Its Global Companies To Suck Other Countries Dry Of Medical Supplies


Greenland Group, a Chinese Communist Party affiliated developer, intentionally poached vital medical supplies from nations across the globe at the onset of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Originally founded as a state-owned enterprise, the development group is now publicly-traded, but the largest stake – nearly 50 percent– belongs to the Shanghai government. The remaining equity is apportioned primarily among CCP-linked individuals and investment firms.

While the group focuses on expanding Chinese influence across four continents via real estate development, they abandoned business as usual in January when they sensed Coronavirus snowballing into a global pandemic.

Employees were tasked with “sourcing bulk supplies of surgical masks, thermometers, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitisers, gloves and Panadol for shipping,” according to a company insider.

The buying blitz was company-wide and exhaustive: ”Basically all employees, the majority of whom are Chinese, were asked to source whatever medical supplies they could. There were numerous requests from the HR manager and even our direct reporting line [which] prioritized the assisting of the company in gathering these supplies over other work activities.”

The accounts department was “absent for days as they were out purchasing supplies,” the source added.

The company even converted boardrooms and conference rooms in Greenland Australia’s headquarters to repack their newly-acquired medical items into boxes emblazoned with the company’s logo.

Hefty pallet-loads of the supplies, seen below, were then sent to China.

Chinese property developing group Greenland scoured Australia to purchase bulk medical supplies - including masks, gloves and thermometers - which were flown to China.
China-bound shipments of medical supplies sourced from countries across the globe.

According to a company newsletter, the group sourced 3 million protective masks, 700,000 hazmat suits and 500,000 pairs of protective gloves from “Australia, Canada, Turkey and other countries.”

Greenland Australia’s managing director Sherwood Luo documented the shipping effort on social media.

He posted to popular Chinese social media network WeChat: “#CombatCoronavirus, Greenland Australia is Taking Action. The second batch of non-contact forehead thermometers will soon take off to China! Coronavirus situation is serious, Chinese people, local and overseas, are trying their best, fighting together to combat the virus.”

Greenland Australia's managing director Sherwood Luo outlined on WeChat the efforts the local company was doing to help Chinese citizens fight the coronavirus.
Luo’s WeChat post celebrating China-bound shipments.

In a statement to the Australian news outlet the Sydney Morning Herald, the Greenland Group admitted to buying the supplies, chalking it up to their intention to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus: “[Greenland] felt compelled … to assist in efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, which had caused a shortage of crucial medical supplies in China.”

Greenland Australia was an auxiliary force, “arranging for medical supplies to be dispatched to China, which at that time, was the epicenter of the outbreak.”

Despite Greenland’s massive stockpile, other nations are experiencing life-threatening shortages of masks and protective gear. Some healthcare workers have even resorted to sewing their own masks. 

It’s a tale as old as time: while the rest of the world reels from CCP-induced harm, whether inflicted on the economy through currency manipulation and nonreciprocal trade policies or on global health by the regime’s inadequate response to Coronavirus, China always looks out for itself.

Coronavirus should set a new precedent: the world is done being collateral damage of China’s economic exploitation.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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