Teen Vogue Tells Readers to Help ‘Release All Detained Immigrants’, Suggests Working with Soros Groups


Teen Vogue is attempting to turn its young readers into hard-left activists, urging them to assist in the effort to “release all immigrants from detention centers” and “defund systems of oppression.”

The outlandishness of the outlet’s “How to Support Immigrants In the U.S. During the Coronavirus Pandemic” article is on par with its “How to Sext” manual, providing readers as young as 11 “the best tips and tricks.”

It’s clear: Teen Vogue has ditched covering Prada in favor of becoming Pravda.

The outlet implores readers to “support the campaign to #FreeThemAll” by “halting ICE arrests and [to] stop transferring people between facilities.”

Even more radical, the article calls to “release all immigrants from detention centers” and provides an actionable handbook on how to achieve this:

  • Call airlines and demand that they stop transporting immigrants for ICE.
  • Use this email template to contact members of Congress. To identify your representatives, enter your zip code here. You can also check out this spreadsheet to see what your members of Congress have said so far about ICE’s response to COVID-19.
  • Reach out to your state’s governor using this letter or these call-in script templates.
  • Target your region’s ICE field officer. You can find out who that is, here, and use this letter as a template.
  • Use this form to reach out to your representatives and demand that the Department of Homeland Security open online bond payment options for immigrants in detention so that more people can return home during the pandemic.
  • For more ideas, including local strategies (like how to contact your mayor or sheriff), see Detention Watch Network’s toolkit.

Despite the article highlighting “overcrowded and unsanitary detention centers” as hotbeds for the spread of communicable diseases, Teen Vogue insists illegal immigrants should be released into American cities and towns – not only an affront to American sovereignty but a clear and present danger to the citizens’ health.

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teen vogue

On just one deportation flight to Guatemala, more than 75 percent of the migrants tested positive for coronavirus. And Teen Vogue would rather release those infected individuals into the United States, lamenting deportations “can spread COVID-19 to more countries.”

Similarly, readers are encouraged “to film encounters with ICE” which “can help expose abuses, fight deportations in court, and bring attention to a culture of racist and dehumanizing enforcement that continues to separate families and inflict trauma on immigrant communities.”

The article provides tips on how to harass law enforcement agents:

Collaboration with the group United We Dream, funded by perennial social justice financier George Soros, is encouraged to “demand the Supreme Court delays the DACA ruling.”

United We Dream is an extreme immigrant activist group, of the “Abolish ICE” ilk: it developed an app to help illegal immigrants avoid federal authorities.

It’s clear Teen Vogue has an affinity for Soros. The outlet also encourages readers to volunteer remotely with the organization Al Otro Lado, whose founder previously worked at Soros’s Open Society foundation and La Raza.

Al Otro Lado is deeply involved in the migrant caravan network: it has expressed “support for [the] Central American refugee caravan at [the] Mexico-U.S. border” and has been described as a “mediator” for Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a group known to organize migrant caravans. During the infamous November 2018 caravan, Al Otro Lado also organized at least five same-sex marriages between migrants. The refugee program director commented: “Today the world saw that love cannot be stopped. Not by any wall or borderline.”

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Teen Vogue also peddles meaningless leftist platitudes like “defund systems of oppression” and instead encourages readers to “fund immigrant rights.” To do so, readers can “help to pay bail for an immigrant community member.”

The article also sees no merit to restricting border as a means to combat the spread of the coronavirus, lamenting that restrictive measures only “further marginalize immigrant communities.”

far cry from fashion commentary.

Teen Vogue has become just another cog in the left’s wheel, part of their broader social justice sanctioned culture crusade.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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