REVEALED: Iowa Republican Miller-Meeks Said She Is ‘Pro-Choice’


Iowa Republican primary candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ declared she was “pro-choice” in 2018, the latest evidence to corroborate her weak record on abortion.

It’s further proof that Miller-Meeks’ alleged pro-life stance is mere politicking for votes, clarifying why voters in Iowa can’t trust the three-time congressional race loser to protect the unborn.

“I am pro-choice, but it’s a very sensitive issue,” she revealed at a 2018 Ottumwa League of Women Voters candidate forum.

The forum centered on if Miller-Meeks or her primary challenger would repeal a bill banning abortions in light of fetal heartbeat detection.

“Ultimately as a doctor and a healthcare provider, I think these are decisions that are best left to providers, to doctors and to patients. I don’t want the government in my healthcare decisions,” she declared, leaving the door wide open for terminating a baby’s life even it has a heartbeat.

Miller-Meeks’ stance doesn’t come as a shock: in an earlier interview, she similarly responded that she supported “abortion rights” up to 12 weeks, nearly six weeks after a heartbeat is detected.

The interviewer asks: “Abortion rights? There’s no like set week? Like number? Like 12 weeks, 20 weeks?”

“From the medical standpoint, between six and 12,” Miller-Meeks responds.

And in 2008, Miller-Meeks was called a “great pretender” by Iowa Right to Life.

Despite her long pro-choice track record, Miller-Meeks’ campaign responded to the allegations, contending she “misspoke”: “Senator Miller-Meeks was speaking to the point that she is a pro-life Catholic when it came to her mind that some notable Catholic elected leaders are pro-choice. That prompted her to misspeak. As a physician, she was emphasizing her belief that, regardless of the medical condition being discussed, doctor-patient conversations need to be private and free of government intervention.”

If Miller-Meeks’ pro-life convictions were genuine, there’d be no chance of making this unforced error.

On abortion, an issue of paramount significance that Democrats and feminist activists defend relentlessly, Congress needs all the pro-life advocates in can get. And Miller-Meeks has demonstrated consistently she’s not up to task.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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