U.S. Socialists Pander to Communist China, Warns Vietnamese Refugee


Socialism is viewed the most favorably amongst Millennials and Generation Z: 51 percent hold a favorable view of capitalism, while an unsettling 49 percent view socialism favorably, according to a recent Gallup poll.

“The radical left often operates outside of reality,” says Morgan Zegers, founder of Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS). Socialists “reject basic facts and distort history to push their narrative onto innocent, well-intentioned young minds.”

“In true leftist fashion, America’s socialists are now pandering to communist China and pushing for the nationalization of major industries during a pandemic crisis,” Zegers explains.

In an effort to push back against socialist and communist disinformation, Zegers says her organization is “equipping our peers with the intellectual ammunition required to reject the lies of the left. We are painting a vivid picture of truth in the minds of young Americans by telling the stories of survivors of socialism and communism.”

“The truth found in first-hand testimony from these survivors is undeniable,” she says. “These stories will change our generation’s perspective on socialism for good.”

In a video released by YAAS on Tuesday, Amy Phan tells the story of her life under and escape from communist Vietnam.

“My dad told my mom, ‘we can’t have a future in Vietnam… We have to leave Vietnam because we will die in the hands of the communists.’” Phan recalled.

“Before the communist regime took over, [Vietnam] was beautiful and nice,” she explained. “ My dad and mom, each time they fished, they had enough to provide for the family and put a roof over our head. But once the communists took over, everything that they fished they had to give to the communists, the government. If they don’t do it, [the communists] make an example of them [and] bury them alive.”

Phan escaped Vietnam in 1984 when she and her family hid in the bottom of her father’s fishing boat. After being taken in by a German oil tanker, they were sent to a refugee camp in Thailand, then the Philippines. All the while seeking asylum in the United States.

Eventually, Amy Phan became a United States citizen, and enjoys the merits of a capitalist economy: she’s a successful small business owner.

“Right now in America we still have the freedom. We still have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to bear arms. We have the freedom to be entrepreneurs, freedom to free market [sic], freedom to do everything. And everything we make, we keep. Not like North Korea’s dictatorship; or China, the communist regime; or Vietnam; or Venezuela’s socialism.”

“I experienced it once already. I’ve seen women and children getting raped and thrown overboard on a fishing boat. I’ve seen people die because of starvation, they are eating flesh to survive,” she remembered the horrors of living under communism.

“This country is great because of our Constitution. So we have to fight and we have to preserve that. If we don’t we will lose it all.” Phan asserts that “we cannot have communism that comes in and destroys the nation like this.”

Sofia Carbone

Sofia Carbone is a freelance writer

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