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EXCLUSIVE: 60 Minutes’ Trump Critic Doctor Donated to Hillary Clinton 13 Times in TWO MONTHS


Dr. Peter Daszak, the researcher who appeared on 60 Minutes to criticize the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw millions of taxpayer dollars funding his joint research with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign 13 times in 2016.

While the segment hammers the Trump administration for letting “pandemic politics” influence its coronavirus response, 60 Minutes is guilty of its own charge: citing political affiliation only when it bolsters their anti-Trump smear campaign but ignoring it if it would force viewers to think twice about Dr. Daszak’s underlying motives.

The infectious disease researcher and president of EcoHealth Alliance – the organization that received the $3.7 million grant in question – directed numerous donations towards the Hillary For America PAC, Clinton’s official campaign political action committee (PAC), totaling over $850.

And of course, this narrative-crashing background information appeared nowhere in 60 Minutes’ spectacle.

Yet they were sure to tee up Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz – the alleged peddler of misinformation that got the grant rescinded – as a bona fide Trump ally: “Gaetz is a vigorous defender of the president. He’s been under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for allegedly threatening a witness against Mr. Trump, and he led a protest to delay impeachment testimony.”

The show likened the administration’s decision to cut the grant to a “political disinformation campaign targeting China’s Wuhan Institute,” a probable origin of the virus.

Critics including President Trump, however, have equated the segment to a cover up of the CCP’s botched virus response, silencing doctors who alerted co-workers about the growing pandemic and purposely withholding information from authorities and the world about its extent and transmission pathways.

And this criticism is warranted: 60 Minutes, airing on the mainstream media outlet CBS, is a fount for left-wing talking points. They’ve cast Nancy Pelosi as a ‘Giant Slayer’ and ‘Patron Saint of Shade,’ fretted over Justice Kavanaugh’s “temperament” questioning if he “belonged on the Supreme Court,” and asked hardened President Trump disparager John McCain if he “worried that [President Trump] is not fit for the office?”

And this is just their latest politically-motivated hit piece, letting China off the hook for spawning and spreading the virus while bolstering the CCP’s narrative that the US is impairing the world’s response.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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