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‘US’ Chamber of Commerce Simps for China: ‘Don’t Reshore All Production to United States’


Almost one week ago, the US Chamber of Commerce’s CEO stated: “Protecting the resiliency of our supply chain doesn’t have to mean reshoring all production in the United States.”

At a time of record unemployment, the Chamber of Commerce appears to be promoting the idea of keeping what could be American jobs in other countries. Maybe they should drop the “US” in their name.

The materialistic gains of the elites are more important than jobs for Americans.

In March, Neil Bradley, Chamber of Commerce Chief Policy Officer, stated, “renewed emphasis on Buy American could hurt the international flow of medicine and medical supply chains.”

China scooped up the world’s remaining supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) while hiding the extent of the virus from the world, illustrating why this is a national security imperative.

Yet the Chamber of Commerce wants to neuter America’s ability to be self-sufficient.

Congressman Matt Gaetz argues for ending our reliance on China:

“Chinese firms supply more than 90 percent of US antibiotics and nearly 80 percent of all basic ingredients in US drugs. It is absurd but dangerous that we rely so heavily on the Communist Chinese regime for our fundamental health needs.” 

He’s right.

The Chamber of Commerce is led by same people who off-shored American jobs for years.

Mark Perry, the taxpayer-funded professor at the University of Michigan Flint, AEI scholar, and Chamber of Commerce writer, expands on how to offshore your jobs but not his.

In “Manufacturing in our Favor: A Global Reallocation of Manufacturing, Perry promotes the idea of jobs in America do not produce an economic benefit and is a detriment due to cost. 

He could save the taxpayers a lot of money by taking his own advice.

The board of AEI is made up of financial companies that profit from low-cost labor overseas to the detriment of American workers.

They are using your own retirement money to ship your jobs overseas.

And the Chinese Communist Party-run news site, China Daily, joins in the fanfare for outsourcing. China Daily views keeping jobs from returning to America as “controversial.” 

Returning jobs to America is only controversial for those who lose in that scenario, like those who profited from sending your jobs overseas in the first instance.

Remember, our own taxpayer-funded media sells out to China.  

Americans never could correctly put their finger on why so many obstacles appear against them. All they see is the immediate consequence of losing their job, not all the pieces which worked for many years against them. The money we earned is used against us by those who corrupt our elites. 

But once you see the patterns, you can think about how to mitigate the impact. Once you understand the rules of the game, you can win.

The key is finding the real rules, not what you are told by China, influenced media, and “business leaders.”

Corby King

Corby King is a 2020 National Pulse Writing Fellow

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