AntiFa Is Obviously Not a ‘Domestic’ Terror Threat… It’s an International One.


AntiFa’s back in the news, and the media is either knowingly giving them cover, or are prolifically ignorant.

Even some of the right aren’t clued up, as Ken Cuccinelli showed us when he publicly doubted the international reach of AntiFa and proclaimed on Fox Business: “I don’t know that they’ve done anything outside the United States”.

For an Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, this remark is bizarre, out of touch, and dangerous.

AntiFa has elicited support from far-left European politicians for years. Those such as Saskia Esken who showed solidarity with the far-left activists by tweeting “58 and Antifa, without doubt”, but also from the German Social Democrat Party and Green MEP Erik Marquardt, who Orwellianly claimed “Antifa does not exist.”

Another MEP, Ska Keller actually held up an AntiFa flag in the EU Parliament.

The riots in Europe contradict the narrative of the media and the ignorance of Cuccinelli.

On Monday, George Floyd’s death triggered protests in Berlin, where about 1500 people marched through Kreuzberg, which followed last Saturday’s protests, also in Berlin, where 2000 showed up.

Munich had demonstrations on Saturday. But all these protests by far have been peaceful.

Despite this, the Facebook page of AntiFa in Munich demands people stand “shoulder to shoulder against Racism … No Justice, No Peace! Fight the Police!”

Yes, they’re calling for people to FIGHT the police. The post is still up on the platform.

Stuttgart has also seen protests against police brutality in the United States, where AntiFa flags have been seen.

The upcoming protests throughout Germany, all hosted by the “AntiFa Mobilisierung” page on Facebook


Breitbart reported on the protests in London, where Black Lives Matter and AntiFa have aligned to demonstrate and show solidarity.

As of Thursday, these protests led to mass arrests and clashes with the police.

Fifteen-thousand people showed up in London. Paris has also seen protests since June 1, organized by AntiFa and hosted on Facebook.

In Vienna, people have marched on the streets with AntiFa flags and KPÖ (Communist Party) banners, and have been caught on various pictures and video. Apparently, AntiFa Vienna’s Twitter Account has also recently been unblocked. Just in time to spread information about their protests.

Thanks, Jack Dorsey.

On Saturday, June 6th, AntiFa activists plan to demonstrate in the Austrian city of Salzburg, alongside Black Lives Matter and a group called AntiRa (Anti-Racist, apparently).

The Anarcho Communist Organization in Germany, also known as “die Plattform” has also declared support for BLM marches – by reaching out to their sister organizations in Latin America, Italy, Switzerland, and Australia.

Istanbul, Turkey, also saw its share of protests on June 2nd, when AntiFa and the Socialist Party of the Oppressed clashed with police.

The most shocking actions have been taking place in front of the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece. Thousands of protestors have marched, even throwing molotov cocktails at the building. AntiFa flags have also been spotted there. Thessaloniki also has seen its share of protests. Breitbart also reports that Amsterdam had seen huge gatherings.

There seems to be a well-established connection between all these demonstrations: timing, messaging, and co-ordination.

Anyone alleging AntiFa doesn’t exist, or even that they aren’t well organized, should have their motives explored.

The media is doing just this, with critics such as CNN’s Peter Bergen risibly arguing that AntiFa’s influence stops at America’s internal borders.

Maybe we should expect it from the media, but Cuccinelli and everyone from the centre to the right should know better.

Wahagen Khabayan

Wahagen Khabayan is a National Pulse Writing Fellow based in Austria.

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