The 3 Major Antifa Myths Busted: What You Need to Know About America’s Left-Wing Terror Faction


The domestic terrorist groups collectively known as “Antifa” depend on a carefully crafted and blatantly false mythology to survive.

With any luck, the latest undercover Project Veritas investigation exposing one of America’s oldest and most violent Antifa cells will be enough to explode three of the central myths about left-wing terror in America.

That’s particularly critical now, in light of Attorney General Bill Barr’s revelation that the DOJ has evidence of organized Antifa involvement in the recent riots that have afflicted cities throughout the country.

Anyone who has actually dealt with Antifa in the streets or online in recent years already knows the grim truth, but with the assistance of an always pliant and sometimes fawning news media, Antifa has successfully deluded a huge number of Americans about its true intentions.

Project Veritas has the evidence right from the horse’s mouth, revealing what liberal journalists didn’t want you to see because it shatters their foundational mythos.

Myth #1: “Antifa isn’t really a group; it’s just a vague, leaderless blob of people who oppose fascism!”

Reality: Antifa is a collection of highly-organized terrorist cells with defined leadership, well-developed tactics, and deep connections to each other, both in the United States and abroad.

As is clear from the Veritas video — compiled during a months-long infiltration of Rose City Antifa, the group that terrorized the people of Portland, Oregon for years — no one simply stumbles into Antifa membership. There are elaborate initiation rites, detailed procedures to prevent infiltration and monitoring, and an intense ideological indoctrination program required for all members.

These groups did not spring up out of nowhere, either. As astute journalists have noted for years, American Antifa cells emerged decades ago out of the most radical elements of the declining American skinhead scene and in emulation of Europe’s fantastically violent anarchist, communist, and “squatter” street gangs. Today, thanks to the brave Project Veritas undercover journalist, we have confirmation that Rose City Antifa was founded by Caroline Victorin, a woman who, through her Swedish husband, has links to the Antifa groups in that country and sought to emulate their tactics in America.

Throughout his months with Rose City Antifa, the same journalist developed the distinct impression that these groups had extensive links with well-funded, above-board elements of the American left. Similar investigations have already exposeddeep ties between Antifa militants and the journalists who cover for them. Today, when even Ivy League-educated lawyers are being arrested for throwing molotov cocktails at police vehicles, Project Veritas is doing the American public a great service by showing how much deeper the conspiracy goes.

As the Project Veritas journalist described it, Rose City Antifa “seemed much more structured, almost like a company… I feel like there is some type of outside funding, influence, and resources being used.”

Myth #2: “Antifa’s mission is vague!”

Reality: Antifa’s mission is violence.

For years,  Rose City Antifa and other Pacific Northwest Antifa cells have — with the tacit support of local Democrat officialsand liberal journalists — vandalized property, beaten journalists, attacked citizens for carrying American flags, and tried to impose their own rules over public streets through violence and intimidation. Those weren’t mere heat-of-the-moment outbursts of violence at otherwise peaceful protests, and neither is the rioting we’re witnessing today.

“The whole goal of this … is to get out there and do dangerous things as safely as possible,” Rose City Antifa organizer “Ashes” told recruits in the undercover video. His comrades Nicholas Cifuni and Adam Rothstein were kind enough to explain what they mean by “dangerous things.”

“It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s like destroying your enemy,” Cifuni told the trainees, urging them to “practice things like an eye gouge” because “it takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes.”

Cifuni was sure to emphasize not only that members should be violent, but that they should avoid getting caught, instructing them for example to eschew flashy weapons during operations because “police are going to be like: ‘Perfect, we can prosecute these [Antifa] f**kers, look how violent they are.’ And not that we [Antifa] aren’t, but we need to f**king hide that sh*t.”

Antifa’s tactics are not a vague, spontaneous expression of dislike for “fascism.” They are violence, first and foremost — violence for the sake of violence. Antifa groups were committing acts of wanton violence long before Donald Trump rose to the White House. They’ve simply grown more brazen now that a significant portion of the political establishment is willing to condone their actions.

Myth #3: Antifa’s target is “fascists!”

Reality: Antifa’s target is you.

Antifa’s goal is not to “end racism” or protect America from some imaginary fascist threat. Their goal is to dismantle the United States itself — as their own slogan declares, “no border, no wall, no USA at all.”

For years, Antifa and its apologists have relied on the circular reasoning that “if you oppose anti-fascists, that means you’re a fascist!” This conveniently allows them to justify any action they might take against any potential target, since the victim would, necessarily, have to be a “fascist” by virtue of having displeased Antifa in some way.

Antifa even disgustingly tries to appropriate the valor of genuine American heroes in service of that warped view, claiming that “the original Antifa” were the American servicemen who risked their lives on the battlefields of Europe to thwart Hitler and Mussolini’s bid for world domination.

Of course, Antifa’s repeated defilement of war memorials dedicated to those very men directly contradicts that rhetoric.

Antifa groups are not the spiritual descendants of the U.S. Army of World War II. Even a brief perusal of their literature would show they were directly inspired by the various communist militias of that era. Antifa uses many symbols originally associated with those groups, including their ubiquitous red and black flags (signifying, now as then, communism and anarchism respectively) and even take their name from those “anti-fascist” communist militias. Far from being a bulwark against Nazism, the real “original antifa” opposed American entry into the war against Hitler for years, changing their tune only when Nazi Germany betrayed Josef Stalin and attacked the Soviet Union. To the “original antifa,” America’s war against the Nazis was first and foremost about protecting the Soviet Union and international communism.

The Antifa groups rampaging through our cities today are no different. The “facism” they seek to destroy is America itself. It’s your country, your Constitution, your history — you, for lack of a better term — that they consider the enemy. George Floyd’s death, police brutality, even opposition to President Trump himself are merely convenient excuses for Antifa to use as cover for their real goal of a violent left-wing revolution.

Project Veritas blows the lid off the whole sordid enterprise, revealing that the goal of Antifa’s street action is to wear ordinary Americans down and demoralize the public to the point that violent revolution becomes possible. “Ruin their day…heckle them…make them feel like they look ridiculous, make them feel outnumbered, and therefore their whole yay yay America, Trump thing is gonna go by the wayside,” one of the militants can be heard saying in the undercover video.

In order to make sure our country doesn’t “go by the wayside,” Americans need to stop believing the myths that sustain and protect Antifa.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a retired senior intelligence operations officer and President of the London Center for Policy Research.

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