Soros Pledges $220M to Racial Justice Orgs But Refuses to Answer Questions on Lack of Black Leadership at Soros Hedge Fund


Despite George Soros’s Open Society Foundation pledging to invest $220 million in “Black-led justice organizations” in pursuit of “racial equality,” the progressive mega-donor’s billion-dollar hedge funds have refused to answer questions about black leaders employed at his own hedge fund.

The major Democratic party donor’s foundation announced it seeks to embolden “organizations and leaders building power in Black communities across the country” on July 13th.

But when asked by The National Pulse if Soros Fund Management actually has employed senior partners or managing directors who were black, the multi-billionaire’s firm refused to answer questions.

Contacted by email and via telephone, Soros Fund Management initially bizarrely claimed it did not have a press team, then offered an email address. They then proceeded to ignore the enquiry.

Given Soros’s propensity to spend money on organizations pushing racial messaging in the United States and wider Western world, it might seem obvious for them to have leading black figures in their companies. And if they did – they would likely want to make public mention of “leading the way” for other firms, or similar.

Instead, the silence raises questions as to whether or not Soros practices what he preaches, and what he funds.

In 2019 a Stanford Study revealed institutional investors “exhibited racial bias when asked to appraise fund management teams overseen by white and black men.”

“Asset allocators—or, professional investors—were asked to rate venture capital funds based on their evaluation of a one-page summary of the fund’s performance history and other capabilities. One discovery was professional investors rated venture investing teams headed by white men more approvingly than firms managed by black professionals.”

The study also revealed people of color in the industry “are likely to encounter more bias as they achieve stronger credentials.”

But Soros and his organization do not appear to take any position on this trend inside his own industry, instead seeking to fund Democrat-aligned groups like Black Voters Matter, in a transparent attempt to push left-wing, anti-Trump messaging on black communities.

Black Voters Matter is co-founded by LaTosha Brown, who describes herself as ” an award-winning organizer, philanthropic consultant, political strategist and jazz singer with over twenty years of experience working in the non-profit and philanthropy sectors.”

Brown says of herself on her own website:

At the intersection of social justice, political empowerment, human development and the cultural arts one will find LaTosha Brown. As a catalyst for change, thought leader and social strategist, her national and global efforts have been known to organize, inspire and catapult people into action—not just lip service—enabling them to build power and wealth for themselves and their community

The plan was clear to see even before the recent resurgence of Black Lives Matter activities in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

A 2018 New York Times article entitled Midterms Aside, Big Donors See a Leftward Path to Beating Trump names Black Voters Matter alongside Brown and her co-founder Cliff Albright as attendees at a major, left-wing donor conference:

The leaders of several groups that worked to mobilize minority voters — including Black Voters Matter, BlackPAC, New Florida Majority and Color of Change — were granted coveted spots at the conference, allowing them to develop potentially lucrative relationships with the major donors in attendance.

In other words, for Soros and co, this isn’t about empowering black voters. It’s about electing Democrats.

And according to the left wing news station The World (formerly PRI), Albright himself said it is natural that BlackPAC’s source of funding comes from nonblack sources — and debatable to what extent that even matters considering that much of the money that fueled the Civil Rights Movement also came from nonblack, and often secretive sources.

An article for the New Republic asserts:

In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, WokeVote, in conjunction with the Black Church PAC, Black Voters Matter, BlackPAC, and other burgeoning activist groups, along with local NAACP chapters, set out to do the work that Democrats had long neglected, or refused, to do down South. They began organizing year-round, not just in booming cities like Charlotte and Atlanta and Tampa, but in rural counties where nobody has asked non-whites to vote or participate in a long time, if ever.

Again, an admission that Soros is perhaps less concerned with racial justice, and more concerned with removing a President like Trump, who has repeatedly attempted to turn Washington, D.C. on its head following the decades of corruption and sleaze that led to people like Soros becoming rich and powerful.

Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of the National Pulse. Natalie Winters is a Senior Writing Fellow.

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