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REVEALED: New York Times Uncritically Published From Hitler’s Mein Kampf on Eve of Largest Nazi Military Push


The New York Times published highlights from Adolf Hitler’s Nazi playbook Mein Kampf, detailing how to disseminate propaganda. 

“The Art of Propaganda,” a full-page article written by Hitler, appeared in the New York Times Magazine on June 22, 1941, as Nazi Germany began its largest military operation: the invasion of the Soviet Union, also known as Operation Barbarossa.

The news following a major National Pulse exposé of the paper’s record on black voting and slavery, wherein the Times declared “NEGRO SUFFRAGE A FAILURE”.

The recently unearthed Hitler piece, complete with a portrait of the German leader responsible for the death of millions in the center of the page, was comprised of highlights from the Nazi chief’s seminal work Mein Kampf.

Page 111 of the June 22nd 1941 Sunday edition of the NYT

Notoriously rife with anti-semitism and providing an outline of the deadly National Socialist ideology, Mein Kampf saw its “most important passages on propaganda” (according to the Times’s introductory paragraph) be curated by paper in an article that served as a guidebook.

The article did not include criticisms, nor refutations from the Times or its staff.

“It must appeal forever and only to the masses,” the article posited about propaganda messaging, going on to list other axioms for the deceptive media strategy including “effective propaganda should be limited to a very few points” and hailing “persistency” as the “most important condition for success.”

“The task of propaganda lies not in a scientific training of the individual, but rather in directing the masses toward certain facts, events, necessities, etc., the purpose being to move their importance into the masses’ field of vision,” the article continues.

Now under fire from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for publishing an op-ed tantamount to “Chinese propaganda” concerning the U.S.’s response to coronavirus, the New York Times appears to be occupying a similar collaborator role with its coverage of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In early February, an article entitled “China and America Can Compete and Coexist” written by a senior colonel in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) also graced the pages of the coveted opinion section.

A February 3rd NYT op-ed

The establishment rag, whose owning family’s connection to the confederacy and ownership of slaves was recently unearthed, has a bevy of controversial articles originally published throughout the 1900’s, including an article entiteld “NEGRO SUFFRAGE A FAILURE.” The article, reported first by The National Pulse, also spoke to the “advisability of lynching.”

And on November 21, 1922, the New York Times published an article declaring “Hitler’s anti-Semitism was not so violent or genuine as it sounded.”

Such printing history casts the outlet’s current progressive editorial board, “wokeness,” and rebuke of President Trump as a “fascist” in a hypocritical light at odds with the New York Times’ founding and history.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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