Cortes: Biden’s Numbers Amongst Hispanics Are Awful, Here’s Why…


Joe Biden struggles to lift his sagging support among Hispanic Americans, issuing buzzword-heavy white paper proposals and addressing Hispanic audiences from his basement redoubt.

The Biden campaign is understandably, frantically worried about his standing among Hispanics because they are fully aware that Donald Trump’s surprisingly strong performance among Hispanics in 2016 helped seal his victory, and that various metrics show that support strengthening.

For example, a Quinnipiac University poll from July shows Biden’s support among Hispanics at only 45 percent, massively underperforming Hillary Clinton’s already-disappointing 66 percent performance in 2016.

This survey reports President Trump’s support at 35 percent, consistent with several recent surveys showing his Latino support in the upper 30 percent range. Both campaigns clearly compete hard for this massive and growing segment of our citizenry. Indeed, Hispanics are, per recent Fox News polling, the most persuadable demographic in the electorate.

Specifically, only 35 percent of Hispanics say their vote is totally decided, vs. 51 percent of whites and 54 percent of women who responded there is “no chance at all” their November decision could shift.


Biden’s lame attempts to curry favor with Hispanics will fall flat, for two reasons: small business and religious faith.

Regarding enterprise, we Hispanics are statistically the most entrepreneurial segment of society, by far. Over the last decade, the total number of Hispanic-owned businesses has exploded by 34%, while the number of all other new businesses owners grew by only 1 percent. These start-up minded Hispanic strivers find a natural champion in our entrepreneur-in-chief president.

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Until the Chinese Communist Party’s deception infected the world and crashed the global economy, President Trump established an unparalleled record of upward mobility for Hispanics.

Under President Trump’s economic stewardship, Hispanics saw and astounding 23 straight months with a jobless rate below 5 percent. Before Trump, there was only one such month ever (in 2006).

Those jobs paid better, too, as Hispanic wage growth vaulted to the lead of income data.

Hispanics know, intrinsically, that the leader capable of leading the great American economic renewal is the man who produced the first Trump Boom. In this critical time of economic recovery, our communities will not embrace Joe Biden, the globalist Beltway dinosaur who spent much of his half century in the Washington swamp exporting American jobs overseas through his awful trade deals, particularly with China.

On social issues, Hispanics are overwhelmingly conservative people: culturally, religiously, and politically.

As such, the leftward lurch of Biden’s 2020 Democratic Party increasingly leaves tradition-minded Hispanics behind as political orphans. Biden recently inked a 110-page “Unity Task Force” leftist concordat with the most radical elements of American politics, proving conclusively that this is not your parents’ or grandparents’ Democratic Party.

Specifically on abortion, Joe Biden now fully embraces the extremist view of abortion until the very moment of birth. Hispanics rightly recoil at such heartlessness. In fact, Hispanics overwhelmingly embrace pro-life views.

Per Pew Research polling, 61 percent of whites believe that abortion should be legal in most/all circumstances, but only 44 percent of Hispanics concur. Although Biden loves to brag about his Catholic roots, he stands against religious schools with his strident opposition to educational choice, denying many Hispanic families of middle-class means the freedom to send their children to religious and private schools. Further, Biden actually promises more government harassment and intimidation for the nuns of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Those holy women finally won before the Supreme Court in July, preserving their religious liberty. But Biden responded immediately with a threat to once again target them, as he did as vice-president.

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Democrats and their allies in the corporate media presume that Hispanics are obsessed with border issues and illegal migration. In reality, even at the height of the caravan border crisis of 2018, an Economist/YouGov survey revealed that only 20 percent of Hispanic Americans supported the prior Obama/Biden policy of catch-and-release of families illegally crossing our border.

Hispanics clamor for policies that facilitate thriving small businesses, strong families, and vibrant independent churches.

As such, we Hispanics reject the heavy-handed statism of Joe Biden and rally to the proven leadership of President Donald J. Trump – and our preference may well prove to be the conclusive factor in a 2020 Trump win.

Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes was a Senior Advisor for Strategy at the Trump 2020 campaign.

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