Links Between Transition Integrity Project and Fake News Atlantic Magazine Run Deep


The Transition Integrity Project – a George Soros, Democrat, and “Never Trump” linked group keen on securing a victory for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden – has long-standing links to The Atlantic magazine, the globalist outlet that recently published a false report claiming President Trump denigrated veterans as “losers” and “suckers.”

The National Pulse reached out to the group for comment on the relationship, but the Transition Integrity Project declined to respond.


Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic article which purported President Trump lacks respect for America’s military has all the hallmarks of a politically-motivated fake news story.

Not only have those involved debunked the claims which rely on “anonymous” officials, but the editor even admitted the central thesis may not be true.

The yarn is also linked to the Transition Integrity Project and its members.

The election group’s Soros-linked founder Rosa Brooks has vowed she’d do “every legal and ethical thing within her power” to elect Biden, and uncritically shared the story to her Twitter account. A day later, she posted a bogus article attempting to corroborate the obscure details of the story.

What’s more, Brooks appeared on a “Deep State Radio” episode entitled “Aaaaaand the hoooome of the…suckers…and losers!”

Fellow Transition Integrity Project participant Ed Luce, who Rosa described as “helping shape” the project, also spoke on the episode.

Brooks and Luce talking about Goldberg’s Atlantic story.

Host David Rothkopf introduced the Atlantic piece as a “story that a friend of several of ours, Jeffrey Goldberg, ran in the Atlantic monthly.” 

While he fails to specify who he’s talking about, Rothkopf maintains a close relationship with Brooks, and the description of his podcast describes Brooks as a “regular” on the “Deep State Radio” show.

Another guest, David Sanger of The New York Times, opines that the issue of military spending and war is another issue that Biden could capitalize on, emphasizing it’s an “opportunity that Biden has.”  Following that strategy, he notes he was “somewhat impressed by how quickly they did leap upon the Atlantic story.”

David Frum, a Staff Writer at The Atlantic, is also involved with the Transition Integrity Project, participating in the group’s infamous “war games” and writing a glowing review of the group for the rag.

In fact, the Transition Integrity Project’s 22-seminal report features two articles from The Atlantic of the 13 sources included in its “Press Coverage” appendix.

Brooks herself has written articles for The Atlantic as well as provide an exclusive interview to the publication in 2016.

Considering the Transition Integrity Project counts participation from “nationally prominent journalists” and “experts on media,” the prospect of Goldberg affiliating with the group is not a stretch given he’s the Editor-in-Chief of the publication and boss of Transition Integrity Project members such as Frum.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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