EXCLUSIVE: Matt Drudge ‘Still Runs His Own Site’ Claims Leading Competitor Amidst ‘Sale’ Claims


Despite allegations Matt Drudge sold his news aggregator site “The Drudge Report,” the founder of the site’s leading competitor insisted that Drudge “has not sold his website” and “is still running the site.”

The founder of the competitor site, “Kane” from Citizen Free Press, gave a world exclusive interview to The National Pulse describing the methodology, ideology, and growth behind his chart-topping site.

During the interview, Kane revealed he believes “Matt Drudge has not sold his website” and “can confirm Matt Drudge is still running that site.”



He described how Drudge is “still involved” with the Drudge Report, a theory Kane alleges was confirmed by Drudge himself:

“Matt is still involved with the site, and I won’t get into the private reasons that I know other than a well-known conservative website operator got confirmation from Matt himself. I’ll just say that, through email.”
Kane also notes how the site’s editorial decisions still echo Drudge:
“He’s still linking to Alex Jones and Infowars, and I’m not disparaging Alex Jones, but if Matt Drudge had given up control, the first site they would have kicked off is Infowars. The left and the center hate Alex Jones, so there’s one proof. He still links to Camille Paglia when she comes up, and that’s a very unique link. His other favorites Maureen Dowd and Peggy Noonan.

Kane reminded listeners that Drudge, while he may have supported President Trump, was “never an out-and-out conservative” but rather a libertarian”:

“I have a bookmark file on Drudge going back 15 years, and it’s got about 150 articles in it. Drudge is a libertarian. He was never an out-and-out conservative. He, as people know if they pay attention, supported Obama in 2008. He used to actually have some infights with Andrew Breitbart which I’ve picked up from the book that Breitbart would post very negative stuff about Obama during his shift. When Matt would take it up, he would delete those stories apparently that Breitbart had posted. So they had a little bit of a battle.”

“He obviously was in Trump’s corner, and he’s no longer there,” he added.

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Kane posited that his anti-Trump shift – which has led to over a 50 percent decrease in sight traffic since his 2016 peak – could be attributed to Drudge’s proximity to the mainstream media:

“Matt has developed a bunch, a huge number of mainstream media friends over the last 20 years, and he’s guilty of some virtue-signaling.”

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